The American Presidential election promises a fitting chaotic finale to a monumentally disastrous year for the world.

A voter surplus for Trump is plainly not going to occur. Last time he lost by 3 million votes but won the White House through the undemocratic vagarities of the electoral college system. This time he should lose by at least 5 million votes but may still retain the office.

Election day will be a circus with Trump crying corruption and refusing to budge if he’s a clear loser.  

No-one is going to vote enthusiastically for the hollow man Biden, rather a majority will vote against Trump. He has been a non-stop outrage and has almost daily stained the office with his behaviour, lies, gross miss-management and ignorance.

That said, millions will still hold their nose and cast for him. First, the sizeable affluent sector, justifiably fearful of Democrat taxes, will back him.

Additionally, the stolid middle-class, outraged by the radical left’s non-stop rioting will similarly see him as a President who will call out the National Guard and put a stop to this, something the dithering Biden is unlikely to do.

Then there’s key states like Florida that are likely to opt for Trump. Florida has a huge Latino population of people who have fled oppressive dictatorships, notably Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua plus others. They endorse Trump’s antagonistic actions towards their homeland despots.

Florida additionally has a sizeable Jewish retiree population whom Trump has actively wooed with his pro-Israel actions. His latest effort, engineering nonsensical Peace Agreements between Israel and respectively Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, are amusing.  

That’s like Winston, donning his Foreign Minister’s hate and organizing Peace Treaties between Tonga and Estonia or Nauru and Nepal, for all it means. But it may carry votes with elderly Florida Jews.

We are living in crazy times so how best to cope with it? Logic says, given as individuals we can only ever be spectators, it’s best to sit back and laugh at the pervading madness.

And nothing epitomises it more than when the world’s greatest ever nation opts for an individual who would have no chance of success were he to seek the mayoralty of Huntly.


The fact that there is even a possibility of Trump winning a second term is frankly terrifying, but you have to say, having front row seats at the crumbling of an empire is pretty bloody exciting.

Over 300 million people, and the choice is between a dangerous idiot and a weak fool. The USA is an embarrassment to the term democracy I think.

    And this is the real issue.
    Read Muriels Newman’s last blog and that by her guest Dr Kerry MacDonald.
    Then add Boris J, who appears to be a complete moron, into the mix and both points a resoundingly supported.

To all political tragic’s.
Read Disloyal by Michael Cohen.
Hard to believe that Trump will scream “ corruption “ after that publication.
But he has more “ front “ and nothing should surprise anyone.
Bob is right about Florida but I also include Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
The next President must win two of these three to win the Oval Office.
If it is Biden, Harris will be President from 01/06/21.

See this website. Has predicted 25 out of 27 Presidential Elections correctly. Predicted Trump to beat Clinton 89% in 2016. Now predicts Trump to beat Biden 91%.

    Me thinks its going to be 25 out of 28.
    I wonder now if he even wants to win. I’m sure he a syphoned off billions 1 way or another over the past 4 years.
    He clearly has a low opinion of everyone but himself.

    I’ll risk sticking my neck out and agreeing with that. Hillary lost by being out of touch with mainstream America. Since then, the Democrats have lurched to the most insanely extreme and ludicrous positions on many issues that matter to voters, including what mattered in 2016 (border control), and some new ones since (rent-a-mobs wrecking cities). On Covid-19, Team Trump can have a field day excerpting video clips of what prominent Democrats were saying in February. By claiming they would have handled it better, they just look like liars.

    Predicting a Trump landslide now is just a matter of extrapolation of the causation between Democrat positions last time and outcomes then; and Democrat positions now. As for “stealing the election”, normal Americans know it is the Democrats who have this down to a fine art. Their excuse is that it is “racist” to expect confirmed identification because people with dark skin disproportionately don’t have ID. As if this isn’t a racist position in itself. There is an awakening among minorities, about how they have been “played” by the Democrats, so expect Trump to pick up double the minority vote share that the best Republican of the last few decades did. He already got a lot more in 2016 than Romney got in 2012.

    Wide-awake conservative commentators are pointing out that the street violence is not going to go away “when Trump loses the election”, rather they will be emboldened to demand outrageous concessions from the weak Democrats and the fellow-radical Democrats. Normal Americans know their own hell is only going to get worse if they do not succeed in re-electing what Evan Sayet called “America’s first actual culture war Republican President”. Minority neighborhoods also know they are on the front lines now and most of the residents know that the cop-haters are beyond unreasonable, they are seeking evil ends in themselves.

As the joke goes-its not just that Donald is the worst man for the job-he is possibly the worst mammal…..but you have to ask-Why would anyone vote for Biden, who is just worn out and seems to be fading away?
If the election becomes a personality contest-which it often is-then it’s no contest. Trump is the grander personality.
Mr Trump does hold one solid redeeming character trait-he is no warmonger. He intensly dislikes the military and its grip on the USA, having publicly called for the return of US servicemen abroad, for Europe to start paying for European defence, and being indifferent to veteran graveyards.
I suppose he best be careful about trips to Dallas right?

The American election is not the only ‘ joke’ in the World. Look at whats going on here in NZ…a bubble headed PM who can’t even pronounce ‘economy’ is being endlessly pushed in our faces on tv, newspapers, social media….no wonder she said ‘we don’t have any policies’…it seems as if her flock of sheep like followers couldn’t care less. Weird? And today when the Nats released a very clever tax policy which will benefit hundreds of thousands of working people…yes, working people…it didn’t get a mention on newshub news at midday.

Trump does not enjoy majority support amongst Latinos or Jews and is unlikely to again this election .

If you’re drawing conclusions and passing judgement on the merits of President Trump from media coverage I can fully understand your concerns Bob. There is a huge problem though in that the reporting is heavily distorted and deceitful. The NYT openly declared that, when it came to Trump, normal journalistic commitments to the truth no longer applied. The Herald is a heavy user of NYT BS. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/08/business/balance-fairness-and-a-proudly-provocative-presidential-candidate.html
An example; recently the Herald had headlines claiming Trump had described fallen soldiers as “losers”. The source was and remains “anonymous” but nevertheless the claim was widely reported. Turns out no one there at the time heard any such thing, even as a misunderstood joke. It was a complete fabrication. No correction from the Herald of course.
Trumps achievements are overwhelmingly ignored or denigrated; are many even aware of them?
His repeal of the crimes act shortly into his presidency a case in point. This legislation, introduced by Biden in the 90’s (Clinton era), led to the incarceration of huge numbers of Afro American men on little more than petty crime charges and the consequent criminalisation of large parts of that demographic for a generation. Obama had eight years to sort it out, Trump sorted it in his first year. The best president for American blacks since Abe Lincoln.

Here’s an article by a US Right-Wing, Never-Trumper, that explains why the Electoral College makes sense for the USA

Then there is our crazy elections…

At this point they are flirting with civil war.

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