A Levin councillor Victoria Kaye-Simmons has complained of racism because of the backlash she’s encountered from locals over her push to re-name Levin, Taitoko. This she asserts was the town’s historic name.

That’s absolute nonsense. The Dominion Post explained that a maori leader had once proposed any town on the site be called Taitoko, this prior to the land being acquired by the Crown.

That mere suggestion does not make Taitoko the town’s historic name any more than had the maori bloke suggested any town built be called Elephantitus would make its historic name Elephantitus.

Levin, like all our towns and cities is a European creation built on government land. Its historic name is Levin. That’s the factual reality and Victoria Kaye-Simmons should grow up without resorting to tiresome bleating about racism, simply because the locals aren’t as wet as she is.


Bob, what exactly is wrong with renaming towns with Maori name. As a bi-lingual country, doesn’t it just enrich our culture and understanding of what makes us different? I think if I try a little bit I can get my head around Levin/Taitoko. It’s just like Mt Egmont now also being Mt Taranaki and as far as I can tell, no-one has died from it.

    Whats wrong with just calling it Levin? Renaming it would be useful if there were actually some desire from locals to rename it, as they live there and would have to pay for all the name changes etc.
    PS-Its not a bi-lingual country, there are a vast number of languages spoken, but predominantly its an English speaking country

      We have three official languages, English, Maori and a surprise to me, sign language. There are many bi-lingual people in NZ and an increasing number who are fluent in English and Maori. If the people of Levin want it double named then that is fine, if one person does, who cares, just ignore them.

      @ Collin Mathews. Exactly, despite all the hand wringing,guilt ridden,real world denying,govt employed,snowflakes, NZ is Not a bilingual nation.And will probably never be,(with the possible exception,perhaps probable) that Mandarin becomes the official 2nd language.
      The silent majority,urgently need to ,at least, start whispering loudly,and may then be encouraged to actually become audible.
      However,relying on the current generation ,generally speaking,will not produce this change.
      Jacinda worship does Not cut it.
      As for displaying the Racism card,on this issue, ffs,Beam me up!

    Every confusion has a cost. Those promoting vanity projects rarely pay for them.

    You assert that new Zealand is a bi-lingual country. I am not aware as to when a NZ government legislated that the Maori language was an official language with equal status to English. All governments have encouraged and supported the teaching of the language to those who wish to learn, no problem. However I do reject the automatic demand that there must be a Maori name or word associated with everything.

Bob, this continued campaign by a militant and vociferous minority to rename every village , city and government departments to an unpronounceable Maori name is driving 97% of us nuts.
Unfortunately, this is actively encouraged by the socialists / communists currently ruling the roost in Wellington.
Unless there is a change in government this will continue unabated.

    I attended a candidates meeting last night. Most attendees were seniors. It was palpable how tense the room got when Megan Woods used a Maori greeting and then referred to government packages by their Maori names. A local actually asked her not to.

    85% of people are being driven away from Maori by this rubbish. 5% are in favour because it makes them look “intouch”.
    Levin (Horowhenua) has a strong Maori heritage. Hokio Beach, Waitarere Beach don’t sound European. It’s likely the area changed hands and probably names, depending on tribal battles and victories. Who knows as Maori had no written language and passed down history through stories and Chinese Whispers and we all know how reliable (not) an account of history this system is. Levin is a great name and really nice town with a micro climate few know about.
    At one stage we were told Maori Legend had NZ being fished up by a guy in a canoe but a bit like the story of Adam and Eve science debunked the idea/story!
    What I’m really sick of is the, now, constant referral to Maori by supporters and Maori themselves as them being indeginous. Please, let’s talk facts. Maori, just like Europeans, are nothing more than immigrants. The Oxford Dictionary :- “indeginous”, Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.
    Maori, as that inconvenient thing, Science as shown, sailed here. Arrived and killed and ate the Moriori, a supposedly compliant gentle race. Europeans arrived thereafter, shot a few Maori who threw Spears and Stones (their most advanced weaponry) at soldiers armed with Muskets and Cannon. Obviously the Maori lost, they were defeated and were promptly introduced to unionism, signing ambiguos papers (the interpretation of which would lead to Crimes against all New Zealanders) and subsequently the flawed English welfare system. It has been down hill since then.
    Maori today exceed at filling our jails, failing at education, topping our crime rates, killing their own children, filling our dole ques and Govt provided housing, corrupting our political system with race based parties, seats and prejudice based programmes (Whanua Ora for 1). Facts, not stories or inuendo! Sadly the list goes on. Why should we embrace all of this by changing perfectly fine and acceptable names to support the above embarrassments?
    And, all of the above, happens while many immigrants come to this country with NOTHING or very little and prosper and excel, greatful of the opportunity.
    I would rather propose the following :- we change the name of Howick to support the positive contributions made by immigrants in that area. Way more palitable. BTW, I’m a tax paying kiwi. Color, race irrelevant! BUT, after the recent BS by and from, the Maori Party I am officially over them and refuse to support anything they whine and whinge about.
    I’m not prejudice, just sick of them. My democratic right ATM. But this is a moot point currently!

Levin – the Hamilton of Wellington…

Utter nonsense. I’m as white and middle class as they come. I’m all in favour.

All place names should be English, and the entire world shold speak English as a first language, and for no other reason than people who have a life don’t care and just want names to be easy to remember and learn, and for the world to be able to speak easily to itself.

Anybody knowing the history of the Horowhenua would be aware that this Maori name was chosen by a Maori considered a fraudster by the Horowhenua Royal Commission of Inquiry. He sold the land without permission and pocketed the proceeds for himself. The name championed by a councillor is therefore offensive to those Maori impoverished by his deceit.

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