We’ve lost our major tourism export earner due to an ill-thought prohibition. Very soon we may lose our now major farming one.

With the farming death toll through accidents up to 17 for the year, in the name of consistency, it can’t be long before, on Saint Ashley’s advice, the government closes down farming.


I detect a smidgen of uncharacteristic tongue in cheek Sir Bob or is it more sarcasm to expose perceived shortcomings in the Saint Ashley/Labour Government alliance.
Either way it highlights a critical issue and that is why is an un-elected health official directing policy to such a degree?
There is a cross disciplinary group of academics in New Zealand:
Dr Simon Thornley – Senior lecturer of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, The University of Auckland
Dr Grant Schofield – Professor of Public Health, AUT, Auckland
Dr Gerhard Sundborn – Senior lecturer of Population and Pacific Health, University of Auckland.
Dr Grant Morris – Associate Professor of Law, Victoria University of Wellington.
Dr Ananish Chaudhuri- Professor of Experimental Economics, University of Auckland and Visiting Professor of Public Policy and Decision Making, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA
Dr Michael Jackson – Postdoctoral researcher; expertise in biostatistics and biodiscovery, University of Wellington
These Doctors have a contrarian point of view to ‘Saint Ashley’ that is largely ignored.
It appears Jacinda defers to Saint Ashley’s expertise without question because of the opportunity afforded by the coronavirus to socially engineer New Zealand society toward state dependence on the back of lockdowns and the resultant failed economy.

Latest report from pike River has cost approaching $75 000 000.
At least the money is being spent wisely and its not even a billion yet…a.

    We should probably hand the mine over to a company that knows how to extract the coal. After all we have done the hard bit and paid handsomely for the privilege.

It appears Jacinda defers to Saint Ashley’s expertise without question
There’s no expertise. While Ashley Bloomfield’s trained as a physician, he’s not only not an epidemiologist, he’s also currently not even a medical practitioner to speak of. First and foremost he’s a health manager and has been one for quite a long time.

    I’ve been saying all along that we need a global investigation into the cabal, networks, or whatever, that results in these “official” positions being filled by groupthinkers, or worse, participants in an actual conspiracy. It is entirely plausible that the IPCC Report Lead Authors appointed decades ago are all members of a particular cabal. There was a Wegman Report presented to the US Senate in 2006 that analyzed the networks involved; I thought at that time that the global warming alarmism racket was on borrowed time. But the promoters of it, including the mainstream media, are beyond incompetent, they are vested in a particular agenda and any exploitable “crisis” that serves it. I think something similar has happened in official “epidemiology”. As Hedgehog says above, there are numerous non-official experts who are “contrarians”. Few people know how numerous the global warming “contrarians” actually are among suitable credentialed scientists, and this latest racket is just the same. A narrow cabal presented as “the overwhelming consensus” by dishonest media.

I don’t think Ashley needs to focus to much on this.
Cindies self confession during the debate on Wednesday to being a “tree hugging leftie” means between her and the Greens we won’t have any farmers soon. No Cars, no farting Cows, no work.
We may as well all tick yes to Dope.
Looks like that’s our next, and only, acceptable farming.

This feels like a game of survivor island.
Hopefully the Tax cinder and Green’s aka (communist hiding behind trees) voters with the media brain washing wont move from the couch and bong to go out and vote as they have been told they have already won .

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