The above, an absurd Stuff website heading today out of Australia.

If it had a scintilla of truth we must assume Bolivians, Bulgarians, Taiwanese; I could go on listing the world’s 200 plus countries, were all comatose with shock. In fact 99.9% of the globe’s population would have been oblivious to the event.

The alleged “packed stadium” was, (to my surprise) nothing of the sort, there being a number of large empty patches.

The article by the un-named author claimed the test was “overlooked” in America, hardly surprising as it’s not a rugby nation. But the last half of it was devoted to America’s reaction to it, which is scarcely over-looking it.

Slop, slop, slop – the story of declining print media journalism.

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Assuming an estimated global population of around 8 billion, 0.1% equates to 8 million which I would think was overly generous

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