Trump’s live television medical test unsurprisingly proved to be a sham.

I was hoping we’d see a prostate examination, which given Trump’s plain insanity would not have surprised.

That would have provided a memorably fitting finale to his disastrous Presidency.


Identity politics working overtime here. Check the figures Bob, pre-covid he did more positive things for Americans in 3 years than Obama did in 2 terms. Notwithstanding all that he has sent no US troops into a war zone – first President in 50 years to be able to claim that. If you value peace & human lives that’s enough to rate him as a huge success.

    Trump has never done anything that wasn’t directed towards his own gain . He’s a dementia suffering embarrassment to the US with his crass racism, misogyny and blatant corruption. He owes someone 400 million so probably either Putin or MBS bought themselves some US favourable foreign policy. I haven’t even mentioned yet the kids in cages and don’t give me it was their parents who put them in that position BS because it wasn’t . Trump and his pet thugs put those kids in cages separated from their parents. I only read Bobs blog normally out of curiosity as mainly I disagree with him , except in his dislike of Trump

      You sound like malcontent which puts you amongst Sir Bob’s favourites so read with more comfort.
      Trump is a terrible human being but he wanted the following for the US.
      1. Better more balanced trade with China who were stealing their technology.
      2. More industry, production and therefore jobs for the US not China.
      3. A stop to the flow of illegal migrants from Mexico.
      4. A halt to Muslims coming to the US.
      5. A halt to waste. … money going to UN, WHO all now communist fronts.
      6. Not sending the US Army to tidy up the world’s messes.

      The result in 4 years.
      A soaring stock market fueled by success.
      Lowest unemployment level for blacks ever.
      Strong messages against the danger China presents.
      Strong farm results.
      A strong message on Covid. Keep safe but get on with life.
      Support for police and strong against crime.
      Less woke and PC rubbish.
      Personal responsibility including health insurance.

      All sounds like good stuff to me. Because he is a complete twat and happens to be very rich I don’t let that cloud the result. If only we had a leader who could actually achieve something other than expanding exponentially our welfare bill.

    The tradgey is he is such a twat of a human being. He really could have made a mark on not just the US if he were a half decent human being. He also cost me money. I bet he would be assassinated within 6 months. I got that wrong.
    Any good he has done been lost in the haze of nonsense. I do love him telling the left centric press to F off. If only that happened in our country.

the hedgehogs prose October 13, 2020 at 12:31 pm

Sir Bob your predication to vitriolic criticism at the mention of his name I find astounding.
While your outspoken views are not uncharacteristic I am at a loss to reconcile such vitriol when the two of you are clearly both successful men especially in the world of real estate.
The only conclusion I can draw is that your value set as a libertarian are at odds with Trumps biblical world view.
Such intolerance of another’s world view is usually the criticism leveled at Christians

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