Conspiracy theories are part of human nature. The greatest and age-old is religion, that is the belief of an unseen super power controlling everything.

My favourite contemporary conspiracist is David Icke who’s still going strong after four decades. Recently he addressed a huge London crowd protesting the lockdown and outlined (to applause) his conspiratorial “theory” behind the virus.

Icke was out here a few years ago. His theory that New Zealand was going to disappear underwater, from memory in about 2005, (excuse the pun) went down well. I recall writing that it sounded perfectly reasonable and urging everyone to take up long distance swimming lessons.

Icke is most famous for his theory that the world is controlled by a reptilian elite in human form with evil intentions. Reptilians included the Queen, George W. Bush, the Clintons, Kissinger and many others. As I wrote at the time, it all sounded sensible, indeed I named a few prominent Kiwis who were doubtless part of it.

My own conspiracy theory previously out-lined on this blog still has time to be realised.

Early in the year I predicted Trump being well behind in the polls when close to the election and China organising an international incident for Trump to quash with threats and look good. Why? Because in the struggle to become the world’s major power, China has a huge vested interest in Trump gaining a second term, given his destructive effect on America.

I’ve got the polling part right, so much so every analyst is now picking a Biden landslide. But I’ve still got a month to go for the critical China part to eventuate. We shall see.


To the contrary, few here are predicting a Biden “landslide.” Sure, he’s up by 8-12 nationally, but that means nothing. It’s the electoral college that matters, and no matter how you run the numbers there, Trump still holds a plausible path to re-election. Oh, and in the five key states in the electoral college, Republicans have registered twice as many voters as Democrats. No, I’ll stay cautious mate…

    And the numbers in the few states that matter for the electoral college are much closer than the national average. Similar to 2016… A fascinating thing about US politics is that, quite literally, a few tens of thousands of votes in a few states can be the difference between a landslide either way.

    Correct: the Helmut Northpoth Primary Analysis gives DJT a 91% chance of winning. Biden’s recent campaign meeting in Arizona drew between 2 to 8 people and same in PA. Trump has energized his base and an energized base will vote a was the case for Obama in 2012. The recent Gallup Pl had Trumps satisfaction rating at 56%; a recent Rassmussen poll veered because of weighting; conservatives are not answering pollsters and not disclosing preferences out of fear of being Doxxed etc. In South Florida Latinos are backing Trump because they fear socialism from the Democratic Socialists- and that is at stake in this election. Trump is also attracting a good proportion of the African American vote because Trump had the lowest unemployment rate for them and also they do not want to live in war zones. Conservative Blacks aee very articulate on the point. E.g. Maxine Waters South LA District is a mess and Mr Collins has drilled int he opposing message to her very well that she has done nothing.

    If the Democrats get in and pack SCOTUS and make Puerto Rico and DC states, Then you will have a single party state with a packed SCOUTUS implementing social policy in an undemocratic manner.. Given Nancy Peiosi is moving to implement a 25th Amendment Commission that seems to point that if Biden wins he will be flipped in favor of the autocratic and unpopular Kamala Harris. Noting she withdrew from the Democratic Primaries with a polling of 2% and did not go to the electorate.

    But, Sir Robert, you won’t read any of this in NZ MSM as it predominantly feeds from the Democrat PR machines of the NYT, WaPo and CNN. They have done a good job of vilifying the President (as Mrs Clinton it now appears did with the farago about Russian collusion) and what they have said has been repeated, uncritically on Radio NZ, Stuff and the NZ Herald

    If people were to read Victor Davis Hansen’s excellent book The Case For Trump (I am happy to lend Sir Robert my copy but he can probably get his own quicker than m,y putting it into NZ post) he details that Trump is the result of 8 years of Obama; that the division between the coastal fringe and the interior of the USA and values is significant; and the gutting of the interior by globalism. However, you won’t see this book – or any book supporting the President- in a NZ book store. Whitcoulls and Paper Plus have never stocked it, but of course Whitcoulls did seek to ban Jordan Peterson.

    It has to be a national concern here how information filtering has occurred and that media can determine and shape a narrative. A recent documentary in the US on Trump has made this point as well about how MSM is consumed and with Big Tech also moving to support Biden.

    There is a risk that the Democrats may not accept another loss: so watch this space, The USA is under siege from within and without. The external funding of BLM should be a concern.

    What further aggravates ignorance about the US situation is an appalling ignorance of how the US government actually operates (separation of powers etc) and the historical precedent from FDR.

    Not getting this factually right may have implications for all of us. Our Media has let us down. This is not a time for Trump derangement syndrome from our Beltway iPad elites and informed people.

My Chinese domiciled agent says their papers are reporting a impending war with USA over South China Sea area.. My take on it was (as papers are most likely state sanctioned reporting) , that either that was to build up more patriotic fervor or some one up top actually thinks that.
Unlike yourself, I think China would be glad to see him go, as they had to pull back on promoting nationally, their 2025 goals, What got trump & Co so alarmed initially I suspect.

A “rally around the flag” event in the South China Seas is obvious, but risky. Ditto Iran. Their armed forces ain’t like Iraq’s were.

Money is more Trump’s style.

Threaten to seize the trillions in US Treasuries held by China. To “pay” for Covid, or some such wheeze. But let China sell them in a firesale.

Or, forget about legal niceties, especially given that any dispute will be heard by a GOP-packed SCOTUS, and just seize them and sell them outright.

Either way, China could be branded to have lost bigly in the deal as it prompts huge USD devaluation, which will also make companies rush back to re-establish US manufacturing. And the US gets the world’s best export led path out of recession, all to itself, without formally manipulating the currency.

Overnight, US assets would be cheap to the world, and overseas investors would pile even more into the US stock market, saving the Fed having to pump in another $3T to keep that bubble going, and Trump would proclaim his economic brilliance.

It would of course beggar every other country as their currencies soar (the EU is already struggling with a high Euro hampering their export-led hopes), and some economies might collapse, and it might hasten the US empire going the way of Greece, Rome, etc a little earlier, but if it offers back the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave….

Bob, your website is living up to its title – you got three laughs from me from reading that article. Please keep the daily medicine coming, it’s much appreciated.

Sir Bob, The situation with USA politics is not dissimilar to that here in NZ. You say Trump is destructive, and you may have observations to support that. It may be so. The real problem is that the powers controlling US politics, as they control US financial matters, US Banking and US lobbying, have arranged that system so that it is not the voters who exercise the choice, nor the collegiate who are lobbied, it is the(entrenched, monied and all powerful Parties Selection Committee who define the candidates and by that selection, the policies that will be advanced. The poor deluded Voters are beguiled to choose between “Heads we dont win, and Tails we loose badly”, such is the quality of so called USA democracy.
Trump in that regard is like the Captain (played by Russell Crowe) who says, “Always choose the lesser of two weevils”, but there is no escaping, the choice of the voters is of their exclusive choosing, only that of a lesser EVIL, but still an evil none the less. This brings us to Biden. Biden’s Team know Biden is medically unfit to govern in the Office. Biden knows it as well and has stated Harris is “Fit to Govern from Day One”.
To present to the Nation for the Office of President, knowing you lack the fitness and capacity is “Gross Misrepresentation”, Its more than that when you understand that to fulfill the office you are either taking instruction from another (unelected) or abdicating to another (not specifically elected to that office, that is deception to the point of “Treason”. At this point on account of his known health issues Biden’s bid for President is tainted with Treason and you can assume that those who are enabling this farce are as intentionally corrupt as to be an accomplice to Treason. By comparison Trump stands clean and virginal.

I thought you were about to launch in to a bollocking for general consensus on the previous socialism article Sir Bob !
Consensus and conspiracy don’t have a lot in common and you wouldn’t be known for liking either perhaps.

Are the two mutually exclusive ? The scary bit is that eventually somebodies conspiracy becomes a consensus and we have reality, or statistically some conspiracy must evolve.
Now thats conspiracy….or consensus.

Sir Bob, I think your theory is well and truly playing out, perhaps in a different order. As we all know China has already attacked the US and the world with their tricky virus but Mt Trump has successfully defeated it (along with prostate cancer). Your theory has already been proven true.


Does anyone believe the polls, when no-one shows up to a Harris- Biden rally

I’ve got a conspiracy theory! David Icke was created by the super-powerful elite to promote silly conspiracy theories, so people would learn to become turned-off by the very idea of conspiracy. Hence, allowing real conspiracies to be protected. The idea is make people think “lizard people” and laugh, in case something leaks.

Now here’s the real conspiracy: Since the 1950’s the powerful elite (who buy corrupt and childish professionals, and turn them into politicians…who are very easy to manipulate) have been engineering policy and social movements that serve the end of suppressing fertility (population control). All roads have led to population control, if you look at their (deliberate?) effect. Are you laughing? Anyone? lol.

I made a humorous video on this a couple of years. It started to get tonnes of hits, then Google somehow shut that down (er, that part is real). https://youtu.be/avZYOT-mP7c

the hedgehogs prose October 16, 2020 at 8:10 am

A conspiracy theory is an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation, when other explanations are more probable. The term has a negative connotation, implying that the appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence

The Global Elite is a relatively small yet diverse group of global players who have been the planners and instigators behind globalization for many decades. Putting aside Icke’s reptilian claims their tentacles are everywhere
In a recent development that has gone largely unnoticed this group have been out maneuvered.
Conspiracy theory or fact?

One of the Global Elite families has controlled the Federal Reserve for over two hundred years. Back in 1971 Nixon removed the gold standard as the backing for the greenback and replaced it with the price of a barrel of oil to back the dollar.
Two US Presidents tried to wrestle control of the Fed from the Rothschild family, Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy and it cost them everything.
The Federal Reserve is no longer controlled by the Rothschild family instead it is now controlled by the US Government who have reinstated the gold standard as backing for the greenback
The President who accomplished what two of his predecessors couldn’t is going for reelection in November
Conspiracy theory or fact?

You want a conspiracy theory sir bob ? Read the opal files on the web , I think it still is , can’t trust google these days . You are part of it along with briefly , Goodman fielder , fletchers, Muldoon , Kirk , Lange etc …is the rothschilds n cia n every other player … . apparently you organised spyware in the embassies you built etc …. be interested in your take as it all seems to fit.

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