Last Saturday, under the heading “Most Popular”, the Dominion-Post listed in second place, “Teacher decapitated in France”.

In fairness teachers have frequently been the butt of derision. Dickens wasn’t averse to mocking them, Waugh portrayed them as feeble while the world’s widest ever read columnist H. L. Menkhen, poured venom on them for three decades.

That said it was a little insensitive of the Dom’ to proclaim the beheading as an immensely popular occurrence, even if the victim was a teacher and it was true.

Then again perhaps I’m getting a little soft with the passing of the years and I should join in the implied public delight at this news-item, at least according to the Dom’.


I used think teachers were the lowest of the low, acting as government goons force-imprisoning other people’s children, whether they liked it or not. But now I’m a little kinder….if you’re a good person, stay teaching, because if you leave then you’ll only be replaced by someone probably worse than yourself. So yeah…keep your heads on.

I think it just goes to the general view on the blog here that reporting standards are falling. Can’t really imagine how utterly horrible the attack would have been, but to have it promoted as “Most Popular” seems to be the depths of bad taste to me. Al-gory-thms. Pun intended.

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