A few days ago I complimented the Herald and Dominion-Post for their pre-election candidates information. I suggested the Dom’ delivered the superior presentation as it included no journalist comments but simply the facts.

But what of the post-election presentations?

No question about the winner with those. That was the Herald by a country mile.

On Monday, over several well laid out pages the Herald detailed every electorate’s results, plus the variety of Parties’ total votes.

By contrast the Dom’ simply gave the key outcomes and was sadly lacking in details such as individual no-hope candidate numbers.

So accolades to the Herald for a first-class effort. Of those details, here’s items of interest.

ADVANCE NZ – Despite the largely deserved negative publicity this ridiculous outfit attracted 21,000 votes, mainly from maori electorates and, we’re told, via social media attention. The addition of the abominable Jamie Lee Ross as co-leader probably halved their vote. His forthcoming Serious Fraud Office trial will be eagerly awaited as a fitting cap on his shameful political career.


Led by a ballroom dancing teacher these fanatics spent a huge amount on full-page newspaper advertisements but managed an ignominious mere 1,350 votes across the nation. They appeared to have only mustered 7 candidates. What drives these nutters every 3 years is a mystery.


This, the remnants of Gareth Morgan’s 2017 creation which was full of policy contradictions. Lacking Gareth’s unique attention-grabbing technique of insulting voters, they managed only 34,000 votes.


For the first time ever the pollsters got the New Zealand First vote right and the Party support fell to a meagre 2.7%.

I will be amazed if Winston makes a come-back but not surprised if like Social Credit, some among their ranks waste their time and go to the well again in 2023.


A total vote less than 8,000 suggests the referendum result will be a NO. That said, given the referendum the point of this Party is certainly lost on me.


Back in the day social credits policy was to print lots of money. Why would anyone vote for them while labour is printing more money than anyone could imagine? And why was social credit ridiculed for this policy whilst hardly anyone even knows labour is doing it? This will just add to young people suffering further from lockdown.

That brings a smile and a chuckle Sir Bob, great summary of the very entertaining out there community .

Can you shed any light on why Tax Cinder is try to for a govt with the Greens ?

Could it be a lack of balls ( Is that fake news or true )

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