On election day, the 5th November I correctly predicted 8 so-called battleground states I expected Biden would win.

I also correctly predicted Trump would cry fraud once he’d lost.

And finally, in an earlier post I predicted Biden would get about 5 million more votes than the abomination.

The tallies are now completed and Biden copped 5.2 million more votes.

In view of the above the election does seem to have been a terrible waste of time and money when all they had to do was ask me.


Not entirely sure that’s a small gloat.

    Credit for your accurate predictions. Now I predict that under Biden’s Green New Deal and open border policies, the American economy will crash and burn and your abomination will romp back into power in four years time.

    However as Biden has a 47-year Senate record of doing absolutely nothing and now loves to hide out in his basement, I suspect Biden will flip flop on most of these policies and instead, for the most part, simply catch up on sleep.

But oh great Oracle… what of your revelation about how successfully the human life experiment would be but now currently unravelling in Sweden???

    It’s not unravelling. Deaths are a fraction of what they were during their actual epidemic in March – June, which itself didn’t overwhelm their health system. What is happening now is a seasonal increase in cases and deaths that will happen for a few winters until the entirety of the population is exposed and will happen here when we eventually are forced to open or borders.

    Unravelling? Do tell us more.


    “…2020 is so far one of the least deadly years in Swedish history, and is largely in line with the average for the preceding five years. To be precise, it is 2,7% higher than the average for the preceding five years, which is well within the margin of error. In 2019, mortality was 6% lower than the average, so it should be expected that 2020 would have a slightly higher mortality than average, even without covid.

    What does this mean? It means that covid, a supposedly deadly viral pandemic, has not killed enough Swedes to have any noticeable impact on overall mortality.

    How can this be explained, when we know that 6,000 Swedes have died of covid?

    As I see it, there are two possible explanations. The first is that most people who died “of” covid actually died “with” covid. In other words, they had a positive covid test and were therefore characterized as covid deaths, when the actual cause of death was something else. The second is that most people who died of covid were so old, and so frail, and had so many underlying health conditions, that even without covid, they would have died by now. There are no other reasonable explanations…”

Here’s my prediction (in the hope I can gloat one day too):

After Biden gets installed as the puppet president (yeah, we know the hilarious but daft old gentleman is a puppet) America will go to war with Iran. It will break Iran’s back, and later break the entire Islamic world’s back.

It’s population-control policy. The problem with Islam is they make too many babies, and their religion is too powerful a force for us to bring them in line with recent western controls. So they need to be hardcore bitch-slapped to induce a deep cultural revolution.

Or maybe that’s wrong? We will see. I’m hoping to blow-ass though 🙂

In the end SB we all get what we deserve.
A good dose of “deserving” is head our way very shortly.

So you must have correctly predicted that Big Tech would censor all of the October scandal news about the Biden family. For two weeks the 4th largest paper in America was prohibited from posting its reporting, and users of Facebook/Twitter/etc were prevented from circulating those stories. Imagine what 2 weeks of real reporting on the Hunter Biden scandals would have done to this close election, with Biden’s campaign entirely based on the false premise that he represented a man of character. Far as I’m concerned that election interference was decisive.

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