Imagine if Trump’s obese smirking lapdog, Mike Pompeo, was chopped up and served as Pompeo Fried Rice. In one fell step he could feed a sizeable African town for a week.

Should he agree it would amount to his only worthwhile service as Secretary of State.

Bangladesh and a number of West African states, all suffering from hunger, would be out for Islamic countries won’t eat pork.


You inadvertently touch on something that has often left me aghast. The number of otherwise sane, well qualified & rational people willing to do or say what Trump wants them to do or say. What is this hold he has over them? Rudy Guiliani is an excellent example-surely those words must be ashes in his mouth? Something of the Albert Speer character there?
As for Pompeo, just one of the “Good ol boys” who had the chance to make the world a better safer place and didn’t.

    There is quite a moral dilemma involved here. I can’t help thinking that the “standard” being applied is that any means of removing or sabotaging Trump are honorable by default, so it is impossible that anyone might be holding their nose and doing something because they think it is the right thing. Even if it is the right thing, it is the wrong thing if Trump is involved, for the sole reason he is involved?

    I am inclined to think that when even notoriously squishy “centre right” politicians like Lindsay Graham who deplored Trump initially, stand up and say the Democrats have “gone too far this time”, there are principles involved that “trump” (pun intended) the anti-Trump “imperatives”.

    If you think Trump “has something on” people who actually work for him rather than against him, how about considering that Big Tech and the Deep State and the global elites “have things” on a LOT of politicians and this is why so many of them on the “centre right” constantly lose their nerve and capitulate to progressive nonsense even when you’d have expected better of them.

      Your comments make no sense? I can’t make out what point you are attempting to make. Go back re-read them and explain yourself more clearly.

I expect Pompeo had a hand in Trump’s Middle East policy. But experts (like John Kerry) said that what they did was impossible.
I guess the peace treaties must be fake news.

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