Under the category “LETTER OF THE WEEK” The New Zealand Herald published a letter re the housing crisis from a C. Williams of Mt Albert.

The heading they put on it read, “Profit motive clashing with right to a home”.

The contents of the letter were nonsense and included the following newly invented rights.

“A basic right for people to have a warm, safe, stable roof over their head.”

The author C. Williams is plainly not too bright, but the real puzzle is how this absurdity could be declared the letter of the week, a terrible slur on the newspaper’s other contributors.

Having penned this I shall now exercise my basic human right to have a glass of red.


Unlike C. Williams, I don’t want to live in a stable. Hayfever would be an issue and the horses, cows and whatnot would keep me awake at night. LOLs 🙂

Come on. The Herald has been atrocious for a long time. Woke,Hysterical Left, 80% propaganda. What is there? Business section and crossword. And Braunias is not funny and Simon Wilson is virtue-signalling to the point of imbecility.

    Maybe making profit should be a right.

      Do mean to tell me it isn’t.
      I call it a “basic human right” to work hard, invest well and profit from those endeavors.
      It’s the people who dont understand the bits before profit who keep whining all the time.

    Totally agree. I never bother reading Braunias. Humour it is not. You can also add their cartoonists to the Ardern hugging brigade, especially Emmerson. I heard him say that he is politically neutral. I would like to debrief him on that one with a raft of evidence to the contrary.

Woke-ism is the dogma of the young but it’s no different from past dogma’s. You either sign up wholesale and surrender your right to free thought or you’re clearly evil and should be burnt at the stake as a heretic…

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