The above event occurred last Saturday in Ponsonby, a pity as architecturally it was an elegant building.

This is described by insurers as An Act of God, something I have no difficulty believing.

After all, I feel for God with all of this non-stop baying sent his way by parishioners. It must be tortuous.


Impeccable timing, right on the month where the stupid observe a date that has no evidence that supposedly some bloke was born. The date that coincides with the northern hemisphere winter solstice and idiots in the Southern Hemisphere put fake reindeers on their front lawn

At least someone in the insurance company has a good sense of humour.
The parishioners probably expected god to extinguish the fire.

Has God been charged with arson?

If this is an act of God, the insurance company will not be paying out?

An act of god? You’d think he’d leave steer clear of his own property when feeling a bit capricious? Mind you the local intermediate school just a few doors down was hit yesterday so who knows what he’s up to…

    An act of god with Albigon my old skool rivals would be grand. There’s hardly a dollar to my name due to somewhat vulgar behavior. Merry Christmas Sir BoB.

God gets a bad rap. You would think.insurers would have the decency to call it an act of the devil? On the other hand maybe Lucifer has been framed too? Too many convictions, too little evidence.

Maybe the parishioners should take a leaf out of Billy Connely’s book

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