As a policy decision I rarely respond to comments on this Blog. However, such has been the overwhelming supportive response to my comments regarding the ghastly hypocritical, sponging little turd Ricardo Menendez March, not merely on this site but particularly on Kiwiblog, I’d like to record my gratitude which has been touching.

I’ll also comment on one respondent who asked why my support on refugees is confined to girls.

First, it’s not; there are other things but it certainly is for the refugee scholarships. The reason is that the refugees largely come from Muslim countries where girls are treated as inferior. But it’s not just Muslim countries but to varying degrees true of every culture. In short I think females get a comparatively rough deal, first by nature and also, if unintentionally, by cultural norms.

I may be wrong but the only exception on my observation are Samoans. Through my past involvement with boxing I got to know many and noted for example, how they pushed their daughters into university with as much passion as to their sons. Joseph Parker’s family is typical. Joseph’s older sister having a law degree.

That said, specially with the first arrivals back in the 1950s, they were overly protective of their daughters in accord with Samoan custom.

A final comment of this re the refugee daughters’ scheme.

Some years ago the Mangere Refugee Centre invited me plus some of our key people out to show us around. Among other things they also gathered up a couple of dozen girls we were putting through uni.

One of them tentatively asked why we only supported girls. I explained as outlined above and they took it in, plainly pleased.

Then I asked how many had brothers. Most put their hands up.

“Well girls,” I said, “I’ll give you a message to pass on to them so listen carefully”.

They sat attentively and I said, “Tell them I said they can get stuffed”.

We were blinded by white teeth and emanating rays of joy.


Your bloods worth bottling Bob.
You are a true humanitarian.
As always best wishes.

Thanks so much for that explanation, Sir Bob ! I will share widely!

Thanks for the explanation Bob.

It is self made people like you that do far more for the people down the lower end of society than the preening leftie “I am here to rid the world of Poverty” types. Think Jacinda.

Well done and carry on.

You are dropping your guard Bob. On so many occasions we have talked about very generous things you have done for individuals and causes. You final comment has always been “Don’t you bloody tell anyone”.
It’s great to see you finally owning up to constantly having a hand in your pocket – a physical act very unfamiliar to so many who could emulate you, but don’t. Isn’t that right Maurice?

All peoples recognise the public good of others in society who put their money where their mouth is…kudos to you. Of course, if they happen to entertaining types too…great!

Just don’t support good-looking women to go through university. Those ones should be at home making babies and spreading their genes.

So glad to read your reply to Carol’s request for clarification. I, for one, want to thank you for telling it like it is for the betterment of New Zealanders. We should all be brave like you and call out the rubbish being promoted by politicians and the media, before what most of us abhore, become normalised.

I could add some perspective. Alas, it is sad.

Kiwiblog and this blog are a small self-selected group of people, with different perspectives from the majority.

At the last election, over 60% of people voted for the neo-socialists. I suspect that the sympathies of the majority of these people would be with Ricardo’s views, irrespective of the facts. Certainly, Green voters would be clapping him on the back – and probably most Labour supporters would be as well.

“Progressive” thought is counter to rational thought. It involves spewing base gut feelings such as resentment and joylessness at hapless people. Hypocrisy is the weapon of choice of the legendary “progressive”.

Stuff is unlikely to change it’s “progressive” propaganda any time soon. Ricardo and his fellow lefties are equally unlikely to turn anywhere sensible. And so it goes on…

Be kind?

    Actually Cake Face the reality is not as bad as you fear. The main reason Jacinda is in power is right thinking people switching to vote Labour in an effort to keep the Greens away from the levers of power.

    Proof that New Zealanders really do understand how MMP works.

    Sadly they had underestimated Jacinda’s wokeness, and got the Greens in coalition anyway.

Thanks for the opportunity and perseverance.
Cheers Sir Bob.

Many years back I was short of the rent money. I had picked up a signed copy of “NZ the way I want it” second hand and decided to sell it on a little start up website called Trademe. Asked for $50. Some goose commented that he had found a copy for $2 and did my copy come with dinner with SRJ. I told him if he actually read anything he wouldn’t be boasting about spending $2 and the bidding went crazy. Got me enough to pay a months rent, so have always felt slighty indebted.

Agree with “leave well enough alone” re the name. The thing I ponder about in the same context is the concept of NZ being a bicultural society. Where was the referendum on that. Surely we are a multicultural society within which everyone is equal under the law? Maybe SRJ will share his thoughts on that….

Well done Sir Bob

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