Someone remarked to me recently that it’s amazing no-one’s tried to assassinate Trump. I don’t agree.

Trump’s ignorance and craziness justifiably offends sensible rational people, who nevertheless, are not the type who would resort to such an action.

In my view the real threat is to Biden. Trump has wound up the aptly named deplorables into a genuine belief the election was stolen.

Their belief is solely because the greatest public liar in history keeps telling them this. Trump has chalked up nearly 30,000 blatant lies recorded in utterances and tweets in four years. He’s now urging them to protest in Washington in a fortnight when the House formally acknowledges Biden’s victory and doubtless he will do the same for the Inauguration ceremony.

We’ve seen this lot on television news. The males have a common physical feature, (I’m serious- this is not said as a joke) namely their necks are wider than their heads.

It is precisely these types who could produce from their ranks a deluded loner assassin. Let’s hope I’m wrong but I believe it’s a real concern.


Quite possibly. The USA has had 4 Presidents assassinated out of 45, making it an exceptionally dangerous role. However-even the Trump morons must realise this would leave Kamala Harris an “Ethnic Woman” in charge, That would hardly line up with their mysogynistic world view of where women belong-although I suspect that type of reasoning is lost on the nutters.

Great observation on the American male Trump supporter. Would hazard to guess that this physical abnormality is due to the over consumption of fried chicken and Coca Cola.

Why would anyone assassinate a guy who is so decrepit that his own side obviously put him up as a “moderate” empty suit that could be manipulated (and probably replaced very soon after the election) by a team that is a gulf apart from electoral wishes? I expect the ranks of disillusioned Americans to swell rapidly as the radical hijackers of the Democrat Party push their luck with the aid of Big Tech censorship and MSM propaganda. Watch the mid-terms.

I expect violence from the Trump base (as opposed to the tiny fringe of actual KKK and Nazi types) to occur in reaction to the newly elected administration pushing its luck with something like mass gun confiscation; doubled-down Big Brother totalitarianism destroying small businesses, industry and “main street” to “defeat” Covid or Climate Change; floodgates opened at the Southern Border with obvious consequences unequally shared between locations within the USA; large-scale roundups of political enemies on “sedition” or “hate speech” grounds; protests suppressed with heavy State violence while in contrast Antifa’s goons are allowed to run rampant as paramilitary enforcers of progressive wish lists.

I do hope that once Trump is not there for Sir Bob to be riled by, he turns his criticism back on the unhinged “woke” virtue-signaling Democrats and the much they do that is anathema to Sir Bob’s standards of reason and logic. It is a shame that Trump has diverted his attention, when Trump was as much a “reaction” as anything else, no-one else was offering a better pushback, even if Trump’s one was flawed. I wish Sir Bob would do an effective political pushback against rising PC totalitarianism in NZ, show us how it should be done, or admit it can’t be done and that the brave sniping is just some last-hour sport as the lights go out for the following generations.

As US comedian Artie Lange once said about Bernie Sanders: “An assassination plot against him is: ‘To wait’ “. The same applies to Joe Biden. It will be interesting to see if the 25th Amendment comes into play before then.

History tells me the four presidents that have taken from us have been organised hits, by the established interests they stood against. Thats more the reason Trump is still there; because he has been working for the equivalent order.

Those interests that control the US government have no concern for the people. It is money and power the love, where war has become the biggest business in town.

Sadly NZ had been feed a false narrative by US government that free market is the way; if only it actually existed. Their system; and now ours, strongly features crony capitalism; which the bureaucrats chose to label it politics. If only we could bring back the guillotine. The change would be instant.

Democracy is by name only, and the trickle down economics is by theory only. The problem now the next ruler looks even worst. Elon Musk’s trip to Mars is starting to look like a good option.

On the bright side, at least NZ is having a merrier christmas than most.

That’s a bit rich mate when its the Dems who give the right for felons to vote, and the right to destroy historic monuments.

Even deplorables would know that assassinating Biden would achieve nothing. He’s too obviously pure puppet. The nothing man is safe – don’t worry.

80 million voters would not be deplorable, not by a long shot.
The Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to blind many people to rational thought.
I enjoy your posts,Sir Bob. But why don’t you read Geopolitical Futures and especially George Friedman?
The actions of the Trump administration are far from irrational.

I think Biden has the most to fear from Kamala Harris

You need to stop watching the Clown News Network. They have just spent 4 years pushing the biggest lies of all: Steele Dossier, Russia-gate, impeachment nonsense, politically motivated FBI investigations in search of a crime and Covid exaggerations.

The saddest thing of all though is the lack of will of the Democrats, the MSM and the American Judiciary to investigate postal ballot and counting irregularities in the American election.

The result is completely irrelevant. To protect the integrity of democracy, we need to know that only legal votes were counted in the election and were counted only once.

If Biden actually called for this, he would then be shown to be of true leadership material.

Hell’s teeth Sir Robert, you sound like you’re infected with a bad case of TDS. Nevertheless, I believe that Biden is safe from assassination and the swamp is once again secure, although the bottom feeders are obviously still nervous. Aided by corrupt, overtly leftist media these bottom feeders will continue to rant some more; they’ll bleat about impeachment and any other tripe they can drag from the Washington sewers until their sweaty little brows dry off with the passage of time, and their absolute power is restored. CNN, Twitter and Facebook will be sitting smugly on their piles of cash, the left handed state governors will waft vacuously and the Washington elite will bathe in the status quo. The USA is on the skids.

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