This will be my last posting until about the 10th January.

Then I’ll be back with an initial item about why the Green Party hugely harms their cause.

That obviously can wait but even should World War Three break out I’ll have nothing to say for a very good reason. That is that not only do we have two frigates which will obviously frighten the pants off the Chinese or Russians should either be the enemy and attack but, of greater importance is our ultimate weapon.

That of course is Jacinda, who can walk on water, fly like superman and do no end of marvels. So, nothing to worry about.


gregorcaseygmailcom December 23, 2020 at 9:06 am

Merry Xmas Sir Bob,looking forward to your Blogs next year

She can cook too!

Good morning Sir Bob.
Thank you so much for your informative and entertaining posts during 2020.
Like many, I wish you a relaxing and happy Christmas / New Year period with your family and friends.
I look forward to be both educated and entertained in 2021.

Aha…. then it is no coincidence that Jacidas partner is named Clarke…

Merry xmas everyone.. and look forward to next yrs “no punches pulled ” blog..

If I might wish… it would be that Bob posted a little more about his economic views , wisdoms, and how they might have changed over the yrs… ( Im reading ” NZ the way I want it”…. which is a very interesting read , in context with todays world.. )
Especially in regards Monetary policy, inflation, contrived nature of interest rate movements,…. money printing etc,,…

And she can cook!

Certainly a year I’ll and most others won’t forget in a hurry.

I concur Jacinda has done a good job at papering over the cracks. I do wonder how long her party will continue, when the risk becomes too great for the banksters to lend more.

Its a numbers game for them, and their giant ponzi scheme is reliant on the next mug to pay the current prices to keep their party going. Surely the banks must be running out of mugs to lend to?

Will it be the land banksters, the building supply cartel, loan sharks or government that buckles first? You guessed it!! A new year full of intrigue.

Great stuff, I feel safer already knowing we can save the world AND defend ourselves with hugs!!! Thanks for the wit Bob, look forward to more next year. More hugs LOL

Happy Festivus / Kwanzaa to you Sir Bob and thank you for a year of humour and welcome diversion in this year of the globalist “chinkenpox”.

I predict you will be posting around 7 Jan when the Washington DC rallies / riots kick off. I hear all Antifa annual leave has been cancelled and they have been instructed to assemble bright and early on 6 Jan (US time). We shall see.

Serenity now!!

The general public adore her. To me it is obvious there is influence in her life. More than that is not yet understood. Trade agreements and business forge friendships – psuedo as they may be. The people of this country need management. The state of the nation is disgusting. From humble beginnings is an understatement when I deliver my this is who I am, however being fortunate enough to have comprehension, the appalling trickery and lack of shepherds behavior is vulgar to me.

Kind regards


Merry Xmas. Take care.

The girl that grew up in Matamata with communist ideals will be welcoming the communist invasion with open arms.

Merry Christmas.

Despite the cynicism that occasionally drips from your ‘pen’, and the strange attacks on people of faith, your column has given me lotsa laffs, for which I thank you. Your love for New Zealand (and concern) leaks through and we share that. I’ve also learned stuff. Merry Christmas Sir Bob and may 2021 bring you and yours peace and joy.

Merry Xmas Sir Bob.
Looking forward to more of your quips, humor and punchy analysis in 2021.
Wishing you and your family all be very best. Let’s hope 21 see the back of nonsense we have seen in 2020.
My prediction is Dear Cindy will lose the power to walk on water and will accept a job with the UN in 2022 when she sees the writing on the wall as Kiwis wake from the Covid fog to realise they actually have a genuine communist in charge.

Thanks for your posts this year, Sir Bob. I do enjoy them. Merry Christmas.

Cheers cobber have a goodn

Thank goodness for that.!! Lets hope for better 2021.
Cheers Sir Bob

If you can fly why would you need to walk on water? Merry Christmas to all!

“That of course is Jacinda, who can walk on water, fly like superman and do no end of marvels. So, nothing to worry about.”

Indeed. Watching the TV news the other night, it occurred to me that I’d seen this particular propaganda before. Spooky. Then I remembered this article on “juche” (pronounced JOO-chay) :


Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!!!

Hurry up and post something new.

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