Two days before Christmas, Britain’s Daily Telegraph revealed a fresh natural human right I was certainly unaware about.

In response to Boris’s new lockdown rules, in a lead article, they declared, “Christmas with family is a human right”.

Our farcical Human Rights Commission must be flat out keeping up with all of these newly discovered human rights. I suspect, at readers (taxpayers) expense they’ve doubtless taken on a new employee to keep track of them.

I can feel a comic novel brewing within me on this nonsense.


Let me guess the plot: A bloke is arrested for public nudity and successfully argues in court that airing his wedding tackle in public is “a basic human right”. The “woke” courtroom audience breaks into spontaneous applause and a standing ovation 🙂

    Surely as we come into this world unclothed it must be a basic human right to remain in that state as one see’s fit!!!. As bisic as it gets. 😂😂😂

    “Standing Ovation” would seem to cover both genders wedding tackle? Oh wait theres about 14 genders now ..

Whats the big problem with a lockdown anyway.

Solutions to this would be for the central banks to issue free money to everyone, equivalent to what they were receiving prior to lockdown. Sounds so simple, except central governments (including the greedy vested interests that control them) are likely to see things differently.

Sir Bob. As a well to do gentleman do you get idiots trying to contact you to relate on a man to man level? Where you came from can’t be too far from my shithouse existence. Do me a solid please… write a blog on why people are so obtuse and can’t read into my messages of Cross behind/gone.

I am aware this is moderated.

Kind regards,

Rhys David Adams. OG88

The Muslims will object to this!

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