The Dept of Internal Affairs advises that once again Oliver has topped the list for the most popular new-born boy’s name. That’s eight years in a row now.

That certainly doesn’t surprise me. It’s exactly eight years since Oliver Hartwich arrived here to take over the reins at the New Zealand Initiatives think tank, formerly the Business Round Table.

Oliver’s done a first rate job and plainly hugely impressed new mothers, thus the fitting accolade to him by them.

It’s something a bunch of know-nothing minor Auckland Uni lecturers (school-teachers afraid of life) should note when they protested recently, and needlessly to say, collectively, at the University being a member of the NZI, as it certainly should be.


A fair proportion will probably go round the twist.

Oliver Hartwich has much to offer this country and his summary of the rebuild of Germany v’s the UK bears listening to. It is interesting to note our beloved Cindy is putting us on the failed UK path. Not surprising given it is about state interference and control.
I have been impressed with his work.

His stature is obviously respected beyond our species as well since the new puppy we inherited is slso named Oliver. I must say Oliver has a delightful good nature whose only loud noise is a yawn and believes everyone is his friend.

Sad that our intellectual institutions have respectively lost their respect for independent thought and analysis. In turn they will lose our respect.

Yes, Oliver Hartwich is excellent. He just needs to stop pretending that child abuse not our No1 social problem.

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