I normally ignore comments on this site (freedom of speech etc). However last week when I wrote about commercial real estate agents language reinvention, such as referring to footprint for rental area, this elicited a response from a Brenda who wrote, “The footprint of a building is an entirely different thing than its rental area”.

She’s missing the point, namely agents mis-using footprint for area, usually detailed, such as the “retail footprint of X sq metres”.

That aside it’s stretching language anyway, to say a building has a footprint.

An oddity of this nonsense is commercial agents only ever do it for retail space.


Dedicated Area or/and NLA (Net Lettable Area) normally does the job without trying to give the impression of some intellectual prowess which is simply not warranted in this industry.

Nice of her to offer you some advice… my mother in law does the same for me…and my wife….the daughters….my sister ….my sister in law ….the lady next door….my aunty ….wife’s aunty…wife’s aunty on fathers side…
The funny thing is none of them have any experience what so ever.!!.
ahhh well what would I know.
Think I need to do an empowerment course…or perhaps just leave with Pilsener and fishing rod….. yes.
Lets be kind everybody.

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