Last week Chris Hipkins was quoted saying, “The entire population could be vaccinated in as little as six and a half months”. That’s correct, just as it’s equally correct to say, “the entire population could be captured by aliens in as little as six and a half months”. The key word here is “could”.

The important questions the Minister is evading, are does the Health Department actually have firm vaccination supplies ordered and if so, with which manufacturers, how many and most critically, with what promised delivery dates?

The compliant media are ignoring this issue and allowing the Minister to continue with his unnecessary daily show pony television appearances with Ashley, babbling John Campbell-like, although without the unctuousness, on totally irrelevant updates of recent arrivals. Between them stands a cartoonish creature of indeterminate gender, writhing, face-pulling and arm-waving, this silliness in lieu of captions.

It’s long overdue for the government to end this charade and come clean and admit the Health Department failed to order vaccines. The Department dropped the Minister in the poo telling him we’re at the head of the queue when the truth was, along with a few war-torn countries, we aren’t even in it.

Over the weekend the Prime Minister began a softening up the mug public process by deploring the situation in Europe which she asserted was a monopolistic practise, this referring to Britain. In fact, there’s currently non-stop crowing about it in Britain as the European Union’s Brussels bureaucracy said it would handle supply on behalf of the 28 members states, then displaying precisely the type of bureaucratic centralist ineptitude which drove the Brexit vote, like New Zealand, forgot to actually place the orders. Thus Britain is currently on target to have every adult vaccinated by the end of June.

Our government must cut out the weasley words. It enjoys terrific good-will with the public and the media and can afford to be upfront instead of unnecessary and irrelevant daily TV updates about arrivals. The big issue is vaccines supply, nothing else.

Tell the truth, admit a cock-up then get on to the Chinese for some help. After the Trade Minister’s astonishing gaffe last week, which understandably caused much anger across the Tasman, one thing’s sure and that is the Chinese government would have approved and may be the only manufacturer country which can help New Zealand.

For people worried about this there’s an answer. Pop across the Tasman. Their vaccination programme is starting this month.


Quiet correct Sir Bob.
Bottom line , Hipkins, Ardern , Bloomfield et al have turned lying into an art form.
Let’s assume Hipkins was lied to by the MOH as you suggest.
That was ( if it occurred) four long months ago.
He has had all that time to correct the outright lie “ that we were at the head of the queue.”
The same applies to the hapless Ardern and Bloomfield.
Nothing, nada just keep bullshitting the public and hope like hell no one dares to question the crap we are fed daily.
With our personal health on the line and our economy at risk due to money printing like there is no tomorrow it is time for Ardern to come out and tell us a few home truths.
Sadly, she is totally bereft in the ability to look us in the eye and dispense the truth.
All we can expect from this apology for a Prime Minister is hand wringing, frowns and more lies dispensed on an industrial scale.

Just imagine if they were all called Pinnocio?
Although Cindies nose does appear to be growing.
What a joke. We have a bed fellow AKA the CCP.
They have, can produce enormous numbers of doses, why don’t we tap our bestie on the shoulder. (God we even tell Australia how to negotiate with them i.e. the bend over method) And then you have the US where some states have thousands of unutilized doses. Biden loves Cindy. Same commie roots.
They are stalling and lying because they want us locked up. Having a vaccine creates issues they don’t want to face.
And then there is getting the “wrong ” vaccine which in a month or 2 will be the new justification for inaction.
Losers will always be losers and Cindy and her mob excel at losing. They do race to attach their cart to false causes however.

You would be an absolute fool to take any of these Covid19 vaccines. Which aren’t vaccines they are a plan to use your immune system against you to depopulate the earth for a Marxist globalist take over by the Chinese and the world’s elites.

Like the media blithely parroted talking points sprinkled with unverified “gold standard” claims like magical pixie dust (breathlessly repeating unquestioningly the latest figures doled out, ooh, aah, 2000 tests/day,… even when other countries were at 1m+ daily), interesting now the media’s similarly not questioning languid vaccine rollout plans either. Other countries up to 1.5m/day, yet with capacity to mobilise serious resouyrces and a miniscule population we’ll take many, many months, apparently. It’s almost like there’s no serious project management team, just a she’ll be right mate, we’ll run it through the usual channels, in the same tiny places as always (& maybe a couple more for show), except after hours, weekends, public holidays, or when both our vaccinators need a cuppa.

The media creates the impression that the government has terrific good will, but on the street the attitude is mixed. I would say half a million or more voters have a hard time being spoken to like they’re 4 years old – and have actually followed the ineptitude most of the way through.

Trump who seems to be universally accepted as incompetent was vaccinating 900,000 per day. Nz “could be” done in a week.
I guess the Nz govt out will be medsafe rejecting or delaying the vaccine as unsafe to provide a cover up for their mates who didn’t order it. The Nz media will no doubt then praise everyone for keeping everyone safe. Honestly it’s a comedy, but the sheep believe this crap. The goats developed his own “Nz made vaccine”

Oddly enough, the current government’s ineptitude could be the only high point in this whole debacle because on the evidence so far I’d say that being infected with c19 is way safer than being poisoned by the so-called vaccines. That lack of administrative ability may just have saved NZ from a massive downstream death toll, provided that they don’t get even more stupid in the near future of course? On the evidence so far the government can shove their vaccines right up where the sun can’t get to; I’ll take my chances with C19.

    You make a sound point. If I was 1 to 50 years of age I would even ponder a vaccine for a second. Its only in the past 5 years I’ve bothered with a flu shoot. Simply because a flu picked up on a flight back from the US years ago turned to pneumonia and last 3 mths. Flus now go straight to my lungs.
    I still believe the reaction to this flu is a comedy.

Great post.

There are plans within plans here.

Vaccines? The entire strategy of “elimination” was based on 100% effective vaccines. Just hide under your beds for a year, and worship the relevant cult figures, and you will be saved, they said.

NZ leads the world! We are dancing as everyone else is dying! Who would YOU rather be? Answer that!

Look, our strategy is working! The pharmaceutical companies have surpassed themselves! Shout it to the top of the rooftops! We are saved! There are vaccines galore, in no time at all!

And yet. Whisper it quietly. The vaccines mightn’t be delivering the elixir of life that was hoped for. Vaccines were supposed to be a magic potion that will bring back life to the near dead… Their effectiveness seems reasonable but not what was promised…

Have we been mis-sold?

I do not think so. When the Wehrmacht was steaming towards Moscow at a huge rate of knots, I suspect that the main feelings of the average Russian peasant was a combination of fear and hope, in different weightings.

As this nasty flu rolls across the world, NZ peasants look on with a combination of fear and hope. In this case, our media propaganda reflects the fears hopes of the people. Everything is riding on the vaccines.

Socialism is about supposed utopias. In this case, they have delivered. We are COVID-19 free, while everyone else suffers. Just sign it with your smart phone, and wash your hands. Why wouldn’t you want to believe that we can escape it all thus?

Hope is powerful.

You do not want to dash hopes by delivering a vaccine that is not especially effective for old people, and as such does not substantially reduce death rates. If you did this, people would complain that your costly lockdowns achieved nothing except kicking the can down the road, at an extortionate cost. Your Messiah status could be relegated to that of a bureaucrat. Who wants that?

The show must go on…

In the words of Dr Michael Yeadon, previous Chief Scientist for Pfizer, “There is no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who are not at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects”.
Be very grateful we have none of these insane experimental drug cocktails.

I would not like to take the chinese vaccine unless desperate (ie possible death as virus reaches plague like proportions or unable to travel for business for three to five years) . I would wait for our US, UK or Australian company vaccines (made in India also fine)
I note my 4 year old chinese boat trailer steel rope broke yesterday , besides having over last year spraying some galv to stop rust. Looks great but not going last or work as well as anywhere near my NZ made 25 year old one …trouble china you never know if what you get is good or bad, unless you or a trusted co overseas QA. Chinese vaccine yeah nah

Hi Bob. Considering as you say no one in the media is covering this issue could you please use your own personal resources to highlight this issue outside of this blog. Eg full page ads in NZ papers asking the ministers the questions. I know this a big ask but who else will highlight this major issue?

2 million have died ‘with’ covid, which means 2 million still alive people gave it to them.

When will people take responsibility for their own murderous actions?

It’s not anyone’s fault but those who spread the disease or can’t stay away from grandma or their unhealthy fatso friends.

Natural selection at work.

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