The above named recently wrote to the New Zealand Herald in his capacity as a motorcyclist. He rightly pointed out the lower carbon emissions, the not blocking traffic, fuel efficiency and minor parking space requirement contributions’ by motorcyclists.

But he missed the big one, namely the excellent supply motorcyclists deliver to the organ transplant industry. Trust me Chris, the surgeons and wider public are very grateful for you and your fellow motorcyclists.


Agreed, they’re called “donorcycles” by Emergency Dept staff for a reason.

Yes those blood emissions can be a problem.

Stephen Fry tells a story of his brother (a surgeon) consulting with his senior about a patient’s chance of getting a transplant.
“hmmm serious” says Senior chap. Then walks to the window and glances outside “but at least its raining so we’re in with a chance!”

I believe bicyclists are comparably up there as a pool of organ donors too but they have a sacred cow status with the establishment so there is not a lot of scary information conveyed, only there must be a reason for all the exhortations to motorists to watch out for them. And of course the colossal wastage of resources on special separate lanes etc for them which is supposed to overcome normal people’s understandable reluctance to indulge in such a risky activity, apart from the inconvenience and exposure to the elements. These things have dubious “risk mitigation” effect anyway, bicyclists so often have to pop up again on the road because they don’t have a grade-separated network to themselves, and then there is a risk from motorists who have forgotten about them.

Size for size in swept volume, motorcycles (I.C) are seriously bad polluters … thats a shame.

    Vietnam has no chance then!!!! 😂😂
    But you’ve brought science into the narrative now. So… Is pollution from 1 person on a M/C more than 1 person (standard fare for us in most cities) in a car???
    Do motor cyclists die on our road because of bad car drivers or bad M/C drivers??? i.e. the cause of most accidents/deaths on our roads is bad car drivers despite the propaganda.
    I am not a motorcycle ride btw!

      No doubt a sizeable proportion of the “bad car drivers” you blame simply failed to see the motorcyclist at all or failed to anticipate what he was doing.

Two close friends had twin motorcycles. One gave up riding because he decided it was too dangerous. The other eventually died on his.

Andrew Rouppe van der Voort February 18, 2021 at 7:36 am

Bah! No one has ever had a chance to take any of my magnificence

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