A few weeks back Yoshiro Mori, the former Japanese Prime Minister, resigned as the Tokyo Olympics Organising Committee boss following a fuss when he complained that women committee members talk too much.

To make amends in an effort to address gender equality, last week the dominant ruling Liberal Democrat Party announced its intention to allow 5 women to attend its 12 member Board meetings.

But they’ve hastened to assure the presumably alarmed populace that under no condition will they be allowed to speak.

This seems a reasonable comprise.


They can still contribute, making scones to go with the afternoon teas.

    The Japanese culture is but one where woman seem subservient… there are others and one close to home. Protocols are another name for sanctioned discrimination.

Interesting to look at the gender and age grouping of some of our councils? A cynic such as myself thinks that as we battle with cycle ways vs sewer pipes a few more Grey heads may assist in some better outcomes?

This coming from the Japs, who preceding the second World War cried foul of not being treated as equal by the whites of the western countries.

But it is true (women talk too much) I watch and listen in our office and 90% of the irrelevant chatter is from the females. Handbags and shoes and who’s getting married to whom bla bla bla. Too bad if your office is stacked with women who cannot STFU

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