It’s international Women’s day today.

I’m advised that in a spirit of empathy Lower Hutt lawyer David Butler is wearing a dress, lipstick and pearls. He’s not alone.

So too is Wellington’s Bayleys Commercial boss Mark Hourigan who I’m told is tottering about in high heels and a mini-skirt.


Men should go one better with a Universe Day For Males

Oh, for God’s sake I can’t get those horrendous images out of my head now. Can you please post pics of Emily Ratajkowski and female Korean K-Pop artists now, please.

Absolutely femulos! So pleasing to see that society can recognise the chronic need to facilitate an International Women’s Day. Congratulations to all those brave women willing to stand up. Women eternally suffering, at hands of toxic masculinity. Women having their human right of equality and existence acknowledged, by their special day.
So brave those special gals. Casting aside their inhibitions. Gone is the indignity of being trapped in a male body.

You are very in the know Sir R

But do they look hot! 😂

Oh right. I assumed this was a declaration by one O. Hartwhich about his focus for the next 24 hours.
No wonder so many local girls look frustrated.

NZ Herald today we are all going to get Vaccine Does ?

We need more women with balls.

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