Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foolish Foon must by a country mile be the worst such office-holder since the position was established.

His latest idiotic outburst against the Police as racist for allegedly picking on maoris saw him put firmly in his place by Former Police Ten 7, (a popular television reality crime show) host Graham Bell.

Bell said what everyone would be thinking on Kerry McIvor’s radio show, namely the Police don’t pick on maoris.  Instead they pick on criminals, which happen to disproportionately be maori.

This sort of crap constantly from Foolish Foon is actually harmful for race relations. He should be persuaded to resign.

One thing I’d wager on is that Foolish will not get a second term.


This illustrates the sort of “thinking” that has become all too common, correlation becomes causation.

The problem isn’t that Meng can’t read. The problem isn’t even that Meng can’t think. The problem is that Meng doesn’t know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling.

Thomas Sowell – with apologies.

I wonder if the police are sexist too, not many women are arrested yet they are half the population .

    Now that’s a point Foon could look into…the glass ceiling in reverse. This guy is looking for any tincture of racism. No one is spared…sorry he never criticises Hone H and the Maori Party etal.

Joris de Bres compared us to the Taliban. Buff has a way to go before he is worse than that.

….no your all wrong….
According to article on Stuff Julie Anne Jaunter has suggested we need to create more criminals of other races in order to be fair on Tungata Whenua.
The majority must be caucasian males….(just not from her family….a)

Lets be kind people.

Foon is missing air time, which he use to get plenty at Council.

Still better than Devoy, who had no clue.

Gentle readers, I would suggest that commissioners are appointed with best intentions, however, like many politicians, they are quickly overwhelmed by the bureaucrats who manipulate their thought processes.

I went to school with Joris De Bres, back then, a mighty fine fellow. But University turned him in to a Communist, then the Race Relations stint converted him to be a more radical. On catching up with him after his stint was over. I hardly recognised the man across the table from me.

Susan Devoy also suffered a similar fate. and now Meng Foon has been turned from supposedly a successful long standing local Mayor in to a radical(radicals dont last long in politics in my observation).

Maybe modern Governments appoint people on their malleability?
Maybe the sub plot is to further divide New Zealanders in the current race war?

Oh for the 80s when we had real people like Hiwi Tauroa and Wally Hirsh.
When the objective was healing, not scarring.

It is not possible to have a logical, reasoned debate on racism until racism is defined. The Cambridge Dictionary definition of racist is ” someone who believes that their race makes them better, more intelligent, more moral, etc than people of other races …”. Is Meng Foon able to provide one example of a member of the police espousing such sentiments? if not, he should apologise.

Fool, needs to look further into this.
Maybe it’s time to initiate race equality? As we are progressing towards gender identity legislation, we must look at implementing race identity legislative inclusion. Look, identifying as a racial group, is as important, as actually being genetically identified as a member of that group. Those for example, who identify as Maori, though being trapped in a Pakeha body, should be afforded all the additional rights and privileges of that racial group. Have the human right to exist as the ethnicity they identify as. I believe when those significant numbers of people who identify as Maori need to be included in that racial demographic count. Then the disproportionate representation as criminals would immediately be normalized with the general population statistics.
Fool, identifying a problem with police 10/7, should start taking a look at his own racial bias. Fool, should be seeing the Police 10/7 criminals as Kiwi’s, be they of any skin colour, trapped in brown bodies. These criminals may not even identify as Maori? Therefore Fool, is perpetuating his own stereotype.
Therefore there is no racial issue.

I have a question for Meng, and I hope Meng has a finely tuned sense of Irony here…If Cops are racist as Meng contends-how or why does he think they become racists?

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