“The heavyweight fight of the Year” a dopey Herald sub-editor proclaimed re the matching of Joseph Parker with the ageing Dereck Chisora. It’s unbelievable.

Chisora has lost five of his last twelve bouts for God’s sake and his proposed bout with Joseph has been ignored in the British press.

This announcement followed a week after news that the long awaited Fury-Joshua title fight was confirmed, both to receive several hundred million dollars, a reflection of the real fight of the year, indeed in British boxing history, the most awaited contest ever.


Yes indeed Sir Bob, Joshua vs Fury seems to have really caught the public interest; Two undefeated Champions, conventional style vs unorthadox and black guy vs white guy (lets not pretend that doesnt matter). The fight probably only lacks a bad guy/good guy sub text as both men are very popular around the boxing world.
Sir Bob, we would love to read your thoughts on this contest and your views on each fighter?

Good big boxers will beat good smaller boxers. Fury is immense, and Joshua doesn’t have the kind of Tyson/Ali speed to make up the difference.

    Richard S Gretton March 25, 2021 at 4:12 pm

    Sound point Colin, Fury is so unorthodox and awkward AND he’s a giant. But Joshua is an Olympic gold medalist, a more classic artisan and has more one punch power.
    I wonder what the bookies will set odds at. I suspect Fury gets favourite status but odds will be close. I’m looking forward to this one like Ali/Forman. Though let’s remember neither boxer is anything approaching Ali or Foreman or Frasier (yet) so maybe we need to be careful with our expectations. Anyway, I just wish they’d get in the bloody ring. (sometime before Christmas would be good)

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