The Dreary Dom-Post deadbeats

Well known Wellington identity Chris Gollins is hyper-active and fast building his commercial property business with three provincial offices established in the last year. Thus he’s a regular newspaper advertiser.

Chris is also noted as a wag who enjoys joking.

His company placed the above advertisement with the Dominion-Post to appear amidst his regular adverts.

As Chris wrote, “The owner of the barn loved it”. Why? Because in fact the address is the Court of Appeal. Chris checked with senior judges and in his words, “They loved it and wanted to make an offer”.

But not so like the Dom’ dullards so, in Chris’s words, “I shall not be advertising with them again”.


But not advertising in the Dom would be foolish wouldn’t it? (For the purpose of getting proper coverage for his client’s to achieve the best sale result).

Better than Stuff’s dismally Laboured and unfunny catoonist squad.

Coincidentally I read today this history of an early newspaper and its emphasis on humour as well as learning, art, politics and debate. A contrast to your above-mentioned deadbeats.

Someone purchased this barn, just north of Greytown, to stop a developer building houses on it. Good job there is no shortage of houses.

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