The use by some government agencies and other soaking wet types of the (European invented) name Aotearoa is hugely annoying.

I don’t want to tell people I come from the Land of the Long White Cloud.

If we’re to change our country’s name then first and most important is the public should decide it by referendum.

We should think long and hard about our most distinctive feature and use that in our name.

If that was the criterion then obviously New Zealand should be re-named “CONELAND”.

No other country in the world litters all of its highways and suburbs with bloody unnecessary cones as do we. It’s madness.


Agreed. The another annoying renaming is Auckland according to politicians & DJs is Tamaki Makaurau. When was this decided on?

This name changing seems to be creeping in everywhere, watched the tv weather lately?

I agree and more people need to get involved in this nonsense and not put up with it.


Curia have just completed a survey of opinion on changing the country’s name to Aotearoa.
Only 15% in favour (76% opposed and 9% undecided) so it would have to be introduced by stealth or by direct government order in contempt of the people. All for our own good of course.
Among the wet wokelet Greens there was a net 17% in favour of the change.

Speaking of Greens: There’s a great wee book out, The Green Reich.

“Man must be restrained, controlled, suppressed in every one of his CO2-emitting activities: that is to say, in the totality of his actions. Researching environmentalism from the root of its anti-humanist ethic to the staggering heights of its actual demands — banning cars, aircraft, meat, nuclear energy, rural life, the market economy, modern agriculture, in short, post-Industrial-Revolution modernity — Drieu Godefridi shows that environmentalism defines a more radical ideology in its liberticidal, anti-economic and ultimately humanicidal claims than any totalitarian ideology yet seen. “Dividing humanity by a factor of ten” is the environmentalist ideal.”

Safety’s gone mad in construction , unfortunately when working on the roads they hv to protect the biggest moron in the public from themselves ,thus the overkill on cones . I’d be interested tho to see the results of parking a drug test van at the beehive n drug testing those in charge of the country …. just like they do to construction boys .

    Our Northland roads are a disgrace, daily wrecking truck springs and destroying windscreens. Meanwhile our roadworks consist of a thousand road cones, two or three road cone vehicles, maybe a digger and if anything at all is happening there will be four or five men looking at a hole. We have roadwork signs and cones locally that have clocked up several years with nothing at all happening – a farce that only bureaucracy could produce. The main tourist route between Paihia and Haruru has truck-wrecking ditches dug across the road thst they never bothered to fill properly. The back road alternative via Waikare to the Opua car ferry has teeth-shattering corrugations that can only be traversed at 20km/h. Even the main sealed roads are corrugated on bends. Where nature didn’t do enough wrecking the councils have added manhole traps cunningly located to take out the tyres and suspensions of unsuspecting drivers. Paihia also has a good minefield of those on its main road. But we have road cones to burn.

Where are there university courses on moving road cones and watching no road works?

World leaders in wasting time and money.

There’s only one name which recognises our current state and antipathy towards our allies.

New Xi Land. Once the Chinese take over, which is only a matter of time, the names will become shorter.

Add the gibberish that rnz spouts at the top of each hour, I’m waiting patiently for New Zealand’s other official language to be used on radio, as it is on TV – Sign!

I’m not sure if you can call this stealth. Already there is open publicity to call our larger cities by their Maori names. Auckland being referred to as Tāmaki Makaurau, Wellington: Te Whanganui-a-Tara, with Christchurch known as Ōtautahi.
Almost an eradication of anything referring to European colonialism?
Though with the Maori names being multi syllable, abbreviation will occur. So let’s just skip a step and go straight to the shortened version, which would probably be accepted by the masses;
– NZ-Aotearoa-abbreviated to “Ao”, (for non residents pronounced “Ay ohh”).
– Auckland – Tāmaki Makaurau – abbreviated to “Tama”, (for non residents pronounced “Jafa”).
– Wellington – Te Whanganui-a-Tara – abbreviated to “Twhat” (for non residents pronounced “Twat”).
– Christchurch – Ōtautahi – abbreviated to “Ota” (for non residents pronounced “Aught to”).
– Taranaki – Naki
– Denedin – Ōtepoti – abbreviated to “Poti” (for non residents pronounced “Potty”).
– Hamilton – Kirikiriroa – abbreviated to “Kriki” (for non residents pronounced “Crikey”).

Coneland is good.

Cloneland would be better.

As Sir Bob notes, when was it decided,and by whom,that Maori would replace English as the “correct”
language for use by almost the entirety of the NZ media?

Short answer, it wasn’t.

The increasingly and ridiculously woke civil servant/media/academic clone class decreed it to be so,and
in this land of 10 million sheep,far too many tagged along.

Is there another country on the planet,where a language spoken (occasionally) by a few percent of the people
is in the process of becoming the government sanctioned “official” language?

Short answer, No.

The strange thing is that here don’t seem to be any remains of the thousands of Maori buildings that made up these cities, bloody colonists must have burnt them all down!

Yes the insidious use of Aotearoa for NZ is very irritating, However the interesting question is where the push to do so comes from. Dismissing the push as the rise of woke doesn’t answer the issue it simply gives it a name. Where is the push coming from, who is doing it and why? I know that Germans keep apologizing for the war and maybe the pushers believe that NZ has something to be ashamed of and to redress but if so what? The use of the Maori language is rife throughout the letter heads of government departments – some even use Maori word labels for their lower content pages to the extent that fining one’s way to what you are looking for can be difficult. Is there some sort of cultural cringe driving this? I fear that a new history curriculum will more than reflect the push.

    Makes you wonder if newsreaders, weather presenters et al have been directed to follow this path? But where do these directions eminate…is it the Govt? since they’ve gifted over $100m to ‘media’ are there strings attached..I think so. In my opinion its the beginning of a ‘drop Royalty’ regime. Since many think we already have a dictatorship under ardern, are we seeing the beginniongs of a Republic?

      Ardern assured NZ some time ago that she wasn’t pushing for compulsary Maori in schools. But we forgot to ask is to be compulsory in Govt/paid MSM/ the general ‘woke’ business etc who are following like lap dogs. Considering approx 16% of the nation identify as Maori, and of that number approx 2% speak Maori … WTF???

I refuse to watch TV1 news but from the bits I have seen it seems that all TVNZ announcers are now required to use Aotearoa – was quite garing when Pertr Montgomery declared the cup as New Zealand’s cup – obviously he had not got the word.

There is the other side of it that a lot of places like Auckland were named after some bloke who never set foot here to curry favour when the “namers” went back to Blighty.

Now Mobil have a moari name for 98, 92 petrol and diesel on the pumps! That should reduce some confusion for our non English speaking moari residents I wonder who actually makes up these names.

New Zealand will do me fine.

Try and pronounce this one; Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka, the name given to the former phoenix park in central Mount Maunganui.

Who do these elected officials think they are?

I see all this as a purposeful distraction to how they run our books. If the populus wasnt so dumbed down, this lot would be gone by lunchtime.

It will take 50 years for planet earth to learn our new name, because we are so small. LEAVE the name alone. Thank you.

Well, it’s Maorification by stealth. Every time you listen or read any form of media, it’s nga mihi this, Kia Ora that. There’s more Maori in the sports news on One than actual sports news. God help you if you object. You’re tarred with the racist brush. I’m over it. I’m not NZ born but I’ve been here 30 years and I’ve paid my dues. If we didn’t have to perennially deal with this colonial hangover and the woke pc bs it generates, we’d most certainly be in a better happier place. It’s time, people, to move on.


“Traffic cones are an American invention. They were first developed in 1943 by Charles Scanlon, a painter for the Los Angeles Streets Department, to keep cars away from wet paint”

“.Between 150,000 and 250,000 road cones are sold into the New Zealand market each year. Cameron estimates there are over a million road cones out there on our streets at any given time.23/07/2017”

Factories in Auckland and Wanganui have discovered Rumpelstiltskin’s secret and have the Wahine Rapunzel spinning plastic into gold.

Height Weight Cost
12″ 2.1 lbs $6.20
18″ 2.4 lbs $6.95
28″ 7 lbs or 10 lbs $11.20
36″ 10 lbs or 12 lbs $21.50

Hahaha. Best laugh I have had for a while SB.
I have a going friend who calls NZ “The Land of the Long White Con”. If you heard his story upon landing in NZ you would better understand.
But Cindy has a plan and that embraces 50/50 Governance with Maori which will mean everything has to have Maori names. Get used to it. The honkies are losing the battle they thought they had won. Wooden spears, stone axes and tribalism is defeating steel, gunpowder and advanced civilization as we pontificate.

    I’m waiting for the argument that for all places there should be both a Maori and English name. I shall ask if I can put up the English name for Rangitoto, Waiheke, Kapiti or any other island that doesn’t have an English equivalent. I should be able to get the family name (sorry far now) in there somewhere.

I need to put a rain coat on every time i leave the house and dodge the puddles, while walking down the road to avoid all the wetness out there, even on a sunny day.

Land of the long white stain

Sir Bob – The current dictatorial mob won’t hold a referendum on a name change anytime soon because that would deliver the answer they & maori radicals DON’T want & they know it.

The result would obviously also mean a stop to the current tidal-wave of maori language indoctrination.

So the option is to just carry on arrogantly doing it by stealth with already-on-the-payroll Govt. employees delivering it via their departments plus via radio, TV, print-media etc etc.

BTW – have you noticed how the TV3 weather presenters at 6:50pm will never use the word ‘Australia’? For some time now its “over the Tasman we go” and then “now back to aotearoa”

Its BS – and I’m over it.

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