To the best of my knowledge this Blog alone in New Zealand has in recent months hammered the cold hard, brutal reality that Health Minister Hipkins, not once but twice, gave assurances six months ago, that we’re at the head of the queue for Covid vaccinations, was sheer bull-shit.

I was a lone voice on this, which I attributed to the government’s insinuation of meaningful financial support for the print media. Thus, they shut up on this critical issue.

But now, having realised that the implied financial support was an empty promise, they’re speaking out.

Both the Stuff chain and the New Zealand Herald have in recent weeks published a number of articles demanding the government come clean about our vaccine situation. To this then hedge with vague date promises.

One indisputable, cold hard fact now clear, is that far from being at the head of the queue, we weren’t even in it.

So while the likes of Zimbabwe for God’s sake, enters it’s sixth week of public vaccinations, we haven’t even started.

According to my various journalist and other sources, Jacindamania is now fading. This situation is scandalous and if slow-witted, gradually the public will wake to it. It may well prove to be a fatal blow to the government’s election prospects.

On that note, if National seems moribund, remember the well proven political adage that Oppositions don’t win power, rather governments lose it.



Spot on Sir Bob. I’ve said it many times & I’ll say it again here:

When the dust finally settles & normally intelligent NZ folk finally come to their senses and crawl out from hiding under their beds, the record will show that the current bunch of inept morons will go down as the worst government in NZ history.

Jacindamania is most certainly fading as the daily-dose of fairy dust, frowning, head-nodding and talk of teddy bears that we’ve had to endure for the past year has essentially stopped dead whilst blatant lies continue to be exposed, the fiscal bumbling continues unabated and flocks of chickens come home to roost.

Frederick Owen Williscroft April 12, 2021 at 11:08 am

Very good summation. Right from the “we went hard and early” this govt has issued lie after lie. Despite repeated assurances that we had one of the most secure borders in the world their have been repeated cock ups. This govt has been incredibly lucky that they did not have a Victoria like outbreak. The Cook Island bubble we were repeatedly assured would be in place in the first 1/4 of 2021. We are still waiting.
This vaccination roll up as was predicted has been a shambles. No one has any idea, including the govt as to when the vaccines will be rolled out. Looking at the latest stats I see we trail Ghana and Senegal in doses administered.
In fairness Kiwiblog is another blog who continually attack the govt on their Covid response. Also Nationals Chris Bishop has been excellent in his pursuance of this matter. He has attacked Hipkins constantly in parliament and in all forms of the media.

Lies and more lies yet this government is not held to account . We watch continually as Hipkins and Ardern lie with big smiles on their faces . Reporters obviously are either paid to write the Bull Shit or they are besotted by this well orchestrated nonsense that goes on day after day .
Our Opposition parties are not being united and taking this government apart , There are many failures not just covid related ones yet all we read and all we get is what a great job they are doing .

Lets get some reality

While we might be in the “Far Queue” for vaccines we’re in the front to willfully destroy the foundational principles of our democracy.

Chris Trotter: If Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government is not very careful, however, it will soon find itself having to explain why it has failed to reject out-of-hand an official document which calmly anticipates the end of democracy as most New Zealanders understand it.

“The Report of the Working Group on a Plan to Realise the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Aotearoa/New Zealand is one of the most remarkable documents ever submitted to a Minister of the Crown. Set forth on its pages is a twenty-year plan to transform New Zealand from one of the world’s oldest and most respected continuous democracies into what would effectively be a political condominium, presided over by co-equal Maori and Non-Maori rulers. A state in which the economic and cultural power of non-indigenous New Zealanders would be much diminished, and the authority, wealth and influence of its indigenous people greatly expanded.”


Why keep blaming the mouth piece.(Elected members ie Jacinda and Hipkins et al)
We know they dont have a clue and are just ventriloquists dummies

Why not concentrate on the Puppet Master who keeps repeatedly showing his ineptitude.
The so called Professional
Ashley Bloomfield!

    St Ashley is looking a bit frazzled these days. Even Cindy and Hipkins don’t like appearing with him but like Dr Clark they don’t mind throwing him under the bus. Don’t forget he’s a Labour plant.

Well said Keith – I agree entirely!

Absolutely Roy,Bloomfield is a disaster.
As Director General of health he has failed his management responsibilities repeatedly.
If he were in the private sector he would have been fired by now.

Actions always speaks louder than words.

Successive governments have failed to deliver anything meaningful, other than keeping covid away from the masses; and there have been some natural advantages of a large moat to assist with.

What about bringing down the high cost of living, by regulating industry (especially overseas owned) that are abusing their power and exporting $20 billion (which should be less than half) out of this country. Continued absence of regulation on the big boys is poor governance.

I may like to add Sir Bob, that in addition to the blatant misleading ‘queue’ lies that you correctly outline above – surely promulgated last October to help these Muppets to win the election – the other appalling bit of deceit was the hiding from the NZ voters of the scathing Sir Brian Roche / Heather Simpson Report that Labour received last September but sat on until 2 days before Parliament rose in December.

Again, hidden due to an election…? I’d seriously like you to write an article with your thoughts on that bit of BS.

One wonders what the election numbers would have been had the Jacindamaniacs known we weren’t in a queue after all, and that a scathing report into their overall C19 shambles was hidden from them.

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