I was delighted to read the Wellington City Council, will introduce a “sinking lid” policy on poker machines.

These things are evil, taking money from the brain dead on the disgraceful excuse of some of the profits going to charities.

Trust me, their pub and other owners are certainly not in it for charity reasons.

Hopefully, other local governments will follow suit.


I’m pleased to advise that Napier City Council recently did the same

Totally agree. These things are a bloody curse. How many times do you see “Employee X stole 2 million to feed a Pokie addiction” They are a disaster.

I am pretty sure that the Government actually take the lions share of income from pokies which incomes their 33% take plus 15% GST for a 48% revenue grab from all the pokie money.

I’m not excited about the prospects of reducing the number of one-armed bandits. For one and one principle reason, those addicted will only go and find somewhere else to spend their leisure time and somewhere else to address to fill the hole in their soul.

    You are so right. SB described those addicted to pokies as “brain dead” and he is 100% correct. Those people will always find a way to lose their money and other people’s money.
    On the other hand 98% of people who enjoy the odd flutter are fine BUT as is becoming the case today nobody gives a FRA about the majority. We care only about a few morons and shape our lives around said morons.
    How dumb are we all????

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