The enclosed letter from a respected newspaper analyst is self-explanatory.

I love newspapers but the cold hard reality is the modern generation does not.

The specific figures my correspondent enclosed tell a devastating story for the Stuff fleet of papers across the land. Their collapse seems inevitable.

The Herald’s activism in promoting a package of the newspaper sub together with access to their web-site sees them hanging on in.

Perhaps Stuff will resort to this which may or may not work.

The magazine story is equally disastrous, including on-line media. By far the biggest collapse is National Business Review.


The trend to blatant partisanship must surely be a factor in their demise. A point blank refusal to publish anything that so much as questions the narrative, The New Orthodoxy.
For instance all of our (NZ’s) failing legacy media have signed up with propaganda outfit Covering Climate, no dissent will see the light of day. Anything or anyone Maori is treated as beyond reproach or the Second Coming. It’s not news or balanced opinion, it’s an indoctrination campaign.
They’re predictable and boring as a consequence; a propensity to insult a large segment of their (former?) readership doesn’t help either.

Spot on David George. Thanks for commenting. It certainly helps with my sanity. Thank goodness for Sir Bob’s daily blog,”No Punches Pulled” and the mostly intelligent comments accompanying each of his posts. The collective wisdom on this site is certainly reassuring to me , to be reminded I am still alive in the same paradigm or dimension, as I was in yesterday.
Coincidently,since the last major shakeup of the Mental Health system in NZ, the lunatics appear to have slowly gained control of the asylum. The only difference is there is one big NZ asylum and now it’s located in the NZ Parliamentary precinct in Museum Street,Wellington. “Museum” and Asylum is possibly the most appropriate description of what happens in that institution now.

If I was an ailing newspaper I would insist that the editor in chief swung all content immediately to the left and just like the Herald and Stuff ignore the plethora of failings this Govt has. That is guaranteed to ensure funding from Cindy and her commie mates by the bucket loads. This is a proven and effective business model. As we have already seen.

    While I appreciate that your comment is somewhat “tongue in cheek”, I am surprised that no newspaper has taken up the opposite stance and taken up an opposition position. There are obviously plenty of people who would be in agreement and be prepared to pay for good quality objective journalism.

    I subscribe to the UK Telegraph and am constantly impressed with the quality of the journalism. They are unashamedly centre right. It is always a good read.

      Yes tongue in cheek and I couldn’t agree more and have commented likewise previously.
      A decent right leaning news print would be well received by readers and advertisers I believe.
      Finding someone prepared to make the investment would be the issue. An opportunity was lost with the sale of Stuff for a $1. Unfortunately a woke lefty took up the baton only to get funding from her Commie mates.

Wonderful to see the ODT doing well. Probably the only mainstream rag out there that is not promoting climate or Maori activism. Compare to the egregious Stuff’d with large sections permanently dedicated to the nonsense.

Vociferously cancelled our DomPost subscription via email a few weeks back. No acknowledgement, and it just keeps coming.

A different look at the problem for the mainstream media. I read the MSM, but then I go and check what they say at specialised websites/ blogs.
Last century I got my news from the local paper and TVNZ. (There was fake news way back then, it’s not new)
The media can’t be experts in everything. The problem for them, is that (if I am interested) it is too easy for me to check everything they say and then realise they don’t understand what they are talking about.

My humble suggestion to the MSM, is to work with people who are more expert in the field, not try and be expert themselves. They don’t have time to learn the subtleties, before a story is no longer news.

I also remember Sir Bob on the radio talking about the book the 1980s, “The Dirty Decade” and he said they couldn’t write. it hasn’t changed.

The demise of print media is a global event – Television news is going down a similar track, I watched about 30mins the other night and nearly brought my dinner back up – pathetic and over indulged in their efforts to promote their woke culture. Breakfast on channel One has also become a mini current affairs show for John Campbell to push his wheelbarrow of woke ideals – sad state of affairs

    Cancelled my long-standing DomPost sub a long time ago. And for some time now I’ve not turned on even 1 of the 4 TV’s in my home to avoid having to watch any woke BS & maori language indoctrination – otherwise known as TV1 & TV3 news & weather

      Like you I can’t abide the brainwashing on TV1&3 either. Jeeze I hope this crap is just a phase that we’ll come out of one day soon and say..’ thank God that’s stopped’!!

To Alan: I wouldn’t hold your breath…..!

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