Thank God young women don’t read newspapers.

I refer to a Stuff site, so-called news-item showing a photo of a Hawkes Bay saturated looking bearded bugger called James Crow.

If our young women read this item we’d witness the Riot Control Police with back-up forces and possibly the army needed, outside the Hawkes Bay Lesbian Recruitment Centre, as every one of our females fought to enlist, and who could possibly blame them? For it transpired the drowning Crow was “shocked” at his new number plates bearing the letters NGR.

These he (presumably) felt were too likely to be interpreted as an abbreviation of that sinful word “negro”.

For the record, negro is the correct ethnic term for African blacks. North America’s Negro Improvement, Arts and other bodies date back to the 19th century and remain active today.

I have a suggestion for James Crow. He could pay to have his personal number plates and the obvious name would be Jim Crow. The irony of that doubtless will be lost on him.


Not mentioned was thar Jim is the Green party candidate for Napier. Hope that new car was electric.

Exactly. Took me a while to work out what he was objecting to. What a plonker!!

Obviously God had a great sense of humour in assigning that number plate. No doubt still chuckling.

So who is the casual racist? The person who sees the letter “NGR” and immediately assumes it is “the-N-word”, or the rest of us who see it and go… “WTF? Oh – why did he immediately assume that?”

Back in the days when the UK had local car registration, My home district with ‘AT’ and ‘EE’ letters did decide not to issue RAT and PEE – although there were people who said they’d love to have them. A bit more obvious than this idiot’s objection though

Brigadier General Rissole May 4, 2021 at 3:06 pm

“Sometimes a pipe is just a pipe” (S. Freud)

Sometimes a number plate is just a number plate.

No surprises this tit is a Green Party candidate and no doubt someone in the party will outdrown him in the wetness stakes before he can really crow about this.I’m betting he is a schoolteacher and almost certainly a scoutmaster candidate or a latent cock in a frock aspirant.

Christ all bloody mighty. They’re all standing in a car wash now…….!


If its a bagged out lincoln continental V8 with big sounds he would probably pay big money for that plate. If its a Prius or a leaf or something, i’m not surprised hes complaining. Politicians think they are so special, the rest of us take the number given. I once nearly bought a high performance (gas guzzler) from a “Greenie”, it was so funny. He loved it but shamed into selling it by his greenie mates.

To quote from the article
“…my wife saw it first and said, ‘Oh my, we can’t have that on the front of our car’,” Crow told RNZ.
Aaaaand that pretty well sums up his life.

Actually there is a very funny stand up routine by a guy in Florida who describes how he got a Martin Luther King ornamental license plate (its a USA thing) but with the license number NGR LUVA stencilled on it.
Good to know the USA can laugh at its problems.

Oh and as a follow up the great cosmic joke of “Jim Crow” (which is excellent) I would remind folk that one of the Officers who beat Rodney King was called Office Coon.
Sometimes the universe has an exquisite sense of irony

I have a number plate with the letters CNT. I’ve never minded it really, but I’m happy to swop with Mr Crow if it suits.

But surely he should have been quicker off the mark? What about the abominations of number plates starting with: NGA or NIG? I don’t recall any comment on CUM – perhaps that series were not issued to save us from ourselves. Brace yourselves people – in a couple of years TIT will appear.

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