One feels Joseph Parker’s best day’s may be behind him.

His stiff left jab major weapon was missing in action against the 37 year old, way past it Derek Chisora. Instead Joseph reduced it to a mere touching measuring rod to then bowl over a right hook.

But Joseph is not a big puncher and this never bothered Chisora.

Chisora is a tough brawler. But he’s lost six of his last thirteen bouts and is no longer in the top echelon, instead being reduced to trial horse status.

As for the verdict it probably could have gone either way as neither man dominated.

It’s disappointing for in his early days Joseph showed so much potential, but for all the constant pre-fight talk of a new Parker in his recent bouts, against very ordinary opposition it must be said, he’s continually failed to deliver.


As we are pulling no punches, i would suggest Joseph is not fit enough. He seems to be carrying too much weight. Run more eat less.

    He is not interested. Hanging out with Tyson Fury and appearing on Instagram seem more important to him. He has never represented as a cut athlete. Too many distractions.

    I can’t agree that Parker’s overweight, at least compared to his most recent fight. He was in noticeably better physical shape, and a good 4kg lighter, than when he fought Junior Fa.

Parker is overrated and his best days behind him. I think he is like the Auckland Blues rugby team; despite coach changes he will not change and continue to not live up to his early potential.

He seems to lack the “hunter/killer” attitude, that real win at all cost style…

Much too nice a guy…

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