I was delighted to read the opponents of Waiheke’s first marina have been given a well deserved boot up the bum by the Supreme Court and that the proposed Kennedy Point marina is to proceed.

What is it about this country that no matter what anyone wants to do, invariably a faction springs up to oppose it?

Waiheke has a lengthy coastline with numerous inlets, beaches and bays. Allowing one relatively tiny area to have a doubtless much in demand marina hardly impedes access to the island’s beaches and bays.

Few countries in the world have a coast-line as long as New Zealand’s, indeed up until the addition of the final two states in 1959, ours was even longer than the USA.

People like walking on beaches but world-wide they like a great deal more walking alongside marinas and looking at the boats. It’s a popular recreation everywhere.

While this Supreme Court decision seemed obvious, when I read that the Save Kennedy Point was headed by someone improbably and embarrassingly called Sebastian Cassie, then that alone would have decided the decision, indeed I imagine their Honours had to restrain themselves from incarcerating Sebastian for contemp.


We can only hope the court awards substantial costs against Sebastian and is dreadlocked whimps, sufficient to bankrupt them. They really are a cancer in this country today.

I live across the water from Kennedy Point and go there regularly. The existing moorings are a bit of an eyesore and the new marina will be a great improvement.

I was over there last weekend and the protesters are still present. The tangata whatever flag flying was interesting as I understand that the local iwi protested but, because they had not made an initial submission at the appropriate time, they were unable to join the legal process.

We wonder why things don’t progress particularly quickly in this country and here we have an example of why.

Weren’t there some newly discovered wildlife discovered in the bay as well? Found just in time to trip up the marina plan.

Some eco Wolly Woofter probably with a pony tail and almost certainly no money but happy to cost others trying to achieve something.

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