I’m probably wasting my time as no-one will believe this item, but I swear it’s true.

In Christchurch last Thursday, driving into the city, we came to a crossroad.

One could clearly see a good 100 metres in all four distances. It was extraordinary. There wasn’t a single road cone in sight.

Can anywhere in New Zealand make that boast?


I can beat that. Last week I saw a BMW driver use his indicator before turning.

    YOu weren’t following the electric BMW through the Whangamoas last week when he pulled off the road as his car was on fire, were you?

It’s cheaper to put out a road cone than fix the pothole. Both become permanent.

Obviously this a week of unexplained phenomena. Today in a cold and wet Wellington where we have millions of dollars spent on cycle lanes, I observed NO bicycles from 08,00 to 11.00am. (Downtown and on main feeder routes.) WE are told that cycling is the way of the future, with cars becoming obsolete. Seems like the general population are taking no notice of the Green’s Big Lie.

Where I live the road maintenance is contracted out to a a nationwide company. Their expertise in arraying road cones and steel waratahs is truly impressive. Their contract must specify only reactive rather than proactive roadworks. Maintenance is not in the lexicon; preventative maintenance just not a concept that Council or contractor acknowledge.

How would it be to be the guy who gets the royalty on road cone production…?

In Christchurch, particularly, this is a miracle.

The capital city of Aotearoadcones.

Bob I presume you went up Memorial Avenue then Fendalton Road where there’s some form of normality!
However if you went up Riccarton Road you would think you were at the Mad Hatters Tea Party

Think part of the problem is road workers seem to knock off at 4pm.

Maybe the contracts should be let on the basis of an early delivery bonus; or may the government (local or central) dont have enough nous or money to take this approach.

Bob – I am a keen Cantabrian and therefore take exception to the influence made in this article about our city. I challenge you to spell out which roads you say you drove and saw no cones for 300 yards. Your remarks have been extremely hurtful to the thousands of Christchurch City Council men and woman who; undaunted by odds and, oblivious to personal risk toil night and day, leaving no cone unturned to ensure that all streets of our city are proliferated with cones.
Your comments to the contrary have caused considerable distress to these people – so much so that many of them are having difficulty sleeping at night because of the remarks you have made about their work, or lack of it.
As you are well aware our city has had a great many setbacks over the last 12 years but there is one small gain from these events.
That is the acquisition of incredible skills for Cone Laying. I have heard from reliable sources that cone laying is likely to become an Olympic event and if this comes to pass Canterbury will clearly take a leadership role just as we do with rugby. Like many I am looking forward to supporting the Crusader Cones and hope Sir Bob you will join me. Cheers Reg

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