A recent review in the Guardian Weekly of a book about Rwanda’s ratbag dictator Paul Kagame, refers to his former intelligence chief he had killed.

The reviewer wrote, he was “tricked into attending his own murder…”

Perhaps the reviewer could tell us of people who have been murdered but weren’t actually in attendance when it occurred.


Or those who weren’t tricked and chose to attend

This reminds me of Michael Coren’s spoof “dispatches from President Idi” – where Idi claimed a top staffer had committed suicide in spite of Idi’s best intentions to stop him – “but before I get there, he shooting hisself in the mouf three times”!

3 interesting facts.
New Zealand was the Chair of the UN Security Council when the massacre kicked off. Fat lot of good we did.
15 Belgian Soldiers were taken in to custody by the presidential guard and told to “hand in their weapons”. As soon as they did they were hacked to death as an outrage designed to get the UN to leave. Worked like a charm. Now the policy is that UN troops are to fight. Better late than never right…

Also regarding Phil’s comment above. My father did his national service on Canberra bombers with a bloke who was an MP who had actually arrested a drunken Idi Amin for disturbing the peace after a local boxing match in neighbouring Kenya in the early 1950’s. Small world

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