A fortnight back, Bill Ralston, writing in the New Zealand Herald, took a short-sighted gratuitous swipe at Bishop Tamaki’s assertion that Christchurch’s earthquakes are caused by God’s wrath at homosexuality. Frankly, this sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Here’s an analogy to make my point in support of the Bishop.

Assume you’re a passionate dress designer of international repute. You create a masterpiece earning much admiration in the fashion world, with an appropriate price tag of say $15,000, only to see it snapped up by a 250lb Olympic shot-putting gold medallist, who against the clear evidence, decides he’s a woman. That would be hugely dismaying for the dress designer who’s nevertheless helpless to do anything about it. Well the Bishop’s assertion is an absolute parallel to this. Here’s why.

Now assume you’re a bearded bugger bowling about in a ballgown in cyber-space, otherwise known as God and first creating and thereafter controlling the human race. You design men and women to inter-react only to see some of your male creations decide bugger women, we’d rather bugger men and likewise some of his women creations opt for their own. In such circumstances a bit of heavenly smiting is called for; ergo earthquakes.

No doubt about it, Bishop Tamaki is a prophet deserving of respect and its time Bill Ralston acknowledged that.

Meanwhile Christchurch’s Damians and Sebastians persist with their vile unGodly activities, ergo, God does some more smiting and over the weekend rendered up a great flood in Canterbury.

These buggers have a lot to answer for as the good Bishop has explained.


Hee, Hee

Well done Bob, made me laugh out loud !!

Well, Sir Bob, you do state “Laughter-the best medicine” and I’ll thank you for the good chuckle this has given me.

The problem here is Ralston thinks he is God and helps no one. At least Bishop Tamaki helps some.

Cant wait for for the day should the Bush be outed as a pillow biter ,me things he doth protest too much

Bish not bush

I would have thought an Earthquake was an earthly smiting?
I got in some gay trouble when I laughed at two men walking together wearing matching outfits-they arrested me… Tip your waiters, try the veal. I’m here til Thursday x…

PS-What caused the Covid smiting then?

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