The New Zealand Royal Society continues to disgrace its British parent body’s prescribed rationale of absolute respect for factual scientific evidence, every time it touches on maori issues.

Its latest unadulterated nonsense, published over the heading “New Research Shows Maori Travelled to the Antarctic at least 1000 Years Before Europeans”, showed no such thing.

The so-called “research” by a conservation biologist Priscilla Wehi, was based on oral history mythology and the rest was speculation. One of her colleagues, a Dr Billy van Uitregt added by way of attempted further explanation, “Oral tradition brought richness to the conversation”; precisely what conversation about what, he didn’t say.

Billy added, “It highlights the limitations of the written narratives that we have, that I don’t think can be captured in written word”. Sheer bloody gibberish, specifically the verbiage removed he’s saying contradictorily, the written narratives can’t be captured in writing, not surprising anyway, as pre-European maori certainly had no writing.

That aside, notwithstanding the Royal Society’s “1000 years” heading, these clowns actually claim maoris discovered the Antarctic 1,400 years ago.

Maori oral history has at its root the figure of Kupe who supposedly fished the North Island up from the sea. Doubtless the New Zealand Royal Society accepts that as fact although I note in recent years this absurdity has been quietly replaced by a different mythology.

Nowadays the fable goes that Kupe’s motivation for coming here was chasing a giant octopus which was eating all the fish in the mythical homeland of Hawaiki.

This ludicrous Antarctic story was reported by The New Zealand Herald in a subdued manner, qualifying Wehi’s farcical claim by a heading saying “Maori MAY have discovered Antarctica”. They “MAY” have split the atom, discovered penicillin and been the first on the moon, just as I “may” knock out Tyson Fury inside a minute if matched with him, but the Royal Society excepted, “may” aint fact.

Wehi then compounding this rubbish by endeavouring to add substance to her infantile assertion by noting a number of Maori have participated in New Zealand’s Antarctic science research in recent years.

Several thousand scientists from dozens of different nations are active every summer in the Antarctic but don’t claim as Swedes or Italians that a mythical Swedish or Italian fairy-tale figure therefore discovered the territory 1,400 years ago. My 1999 novel “Full Circle” was set in the Antarctic and took the mickey out of some of these scientists’ research activities, but certainly none of them matched this guff.

All societies have myths and legends but don’t pretend they’re factual. We tell little children about Father Christmas and tooth fairies and feed them a diet of children’s books about wicked giants, wizards and mermaids but leave it at that, namely harmless mythology.

If Wehi’s paper had been presented to the Royal Society in London for publication, they’d have stoned her into the street then called the Police out of fear for the public’s safety.

As I detailed in my novella “Heaven Sent”, published last year, the Royal Society’s motto for its near 400 years of existence is “Nullius in verba”, meaning take nobody’s word for it. To rely on mythology as scientific fact belies belief.

It’s time the Royal Society in London was acquainted with the corruption of their noble vision by these abominable wets in Wellington, and withdrew their use of the Society’s name.

When scientist Dr Bob Brockie slammed the Society a couple of years back for betraying their founding purpose in respect of maori nonsense, he was sacked by Stuff from writing further weekly science columns, these not falling into line with Stuff’s maori wonderfulness editorial policy.


I read the reports of this nonsense with head-shaking bewilderment that it could be masquerading as science. So far has science and journalism fallen.

    Since there seems to have been much more similar oral evidence of Maui’s ability to fish our land out of the sea surely it is time to get him to tweak his line a bit and sort out the sea level rise issue.

I’m looking forward to a “reenactment” voyage!

I have just forwarded this to a friend…..he is an Editor of the Royal Society in London….and am looking forward to his comments!


The author of the He Puapua report was funded enough to write and research something very similar to He Puapua.

Fancy that.

I expect a fleet of canoes will soon set sail to the newly discovered “Southern Ocean” in order to find another continent

Peter Andrew Cameron Beveridge June 16, 2021 at 2:16 pm

Having been at sea for nearly 30 years and in command and having sailed in the Southern Ocean I was gob smacked when I read this so called report.

Take an open canoe, sail it beam on to the winds and the swells in the S Ocean, get to the ice and all without cold weather gear and being swamped or dismasted is in the realms of fiction, and mot v good fiction at that.

Next we will be told that Hori Te Whatsit of te Ngati Whatsits got to the S Pole before Amundsen. THat after having to climb 2,000 metres up to the Polar Ice Sheet and then another 500 miles to the Pole.

    Every other day I am gobsmacked with new renditions of Maori Oral history. If Maori did travel south in their insulated canoes they would have ended up in South America even Rapanui. The native language of the Easter islanders is close to Te Reo. No Maori canoe would have survived the roaring 40s not to mention that Moa feathers would hardly have kept out the chill. Thinking about feats of Maori legend is hardly factual oral or not.

Remember Whale Rider!
Oral histories also suggest they had pizza ovens on the canoes.

Science? Don’t need no rayciss science!
Yesterday James Shaw, climate minister, made the ridiculous statement, as justification for some mad idea, that “the last time there was carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the concentrations present today, there were palm trees in Antarctica”

A moments critical thinking will reveal the absurdity of that claim; palm trees thriving in darkness for six months of the year? As he should or does know Antarctica was situated on the equator then so palm trees would be what you would expect.

This nonsense was swallowed and regurgitated uncritically by the clueless sycophants at Red Radio and, no doubt, by what’s left of their dripping wet audience.

    At long last SOMEONE (Anyone) in the media has finally challenged all the ridiculous re-writing of “colonial” history.
    The world has existed for 16 billion years. Just because some colonialists got here before others doesn’t mean they have any more claim to New Zealand than anyone else. If anything, New Zealand “belongs” to the Tuatara!
    Besides, …as noted with heavy humour in The Life Of Brian, What have the Romans (read “Europeans”) ever done for us?
    Apart from medicine, education, protein, justice & welfare systems, peace, science, industry, technology, books, clothing, KFC, housing, hygiene, farming, vaccines, transport, food… and now wetsuits, insulation, outboard motors and Antarctic survival gear …. Enough already!
    RH Auckland

Bonkers bollocks but we’re meant to nod our heads and go along with it…ha! Good to see that final reference to Bob Brockie, who has been writing again for..the Listener I think…correct me if I’m wrong.

The Royal Society of both NZ and UK are not what they once were, having become heavily politicised in their advocacy of weakly supported establishment positions so beloved of misanthropic big-state champions of autocracy. Nullius in verba, that most insightful and laudable of mottos should sadly now be applied most liberally to the Royal Societies current leadership.

I wonder if we have all jumped on the outrage bandwagon over a bit of a leg pull?
Although….I recall a decade back a student nurse bitterly giving up her studies over being reprimanded for questioning part of the Maori Studies section of the Nursing programme.
It seems a group of students had been taken to a Marae and forced to listen to endless speechifying from several elders who claimed that Maori had a print industry and that Europeans had destroyed these print presses upon arrival to NZ.
Far from nodding and smiling-this student questioned this (as students should) and was failed as a result. Hard to fathom but perhaps the rot had already set in?

Nullius in Verba indeed…

    and that was the beginning of the end for objective journalism

    Yes and where was the sanction of the Department from the Minister. Were those responsible for that portion of the Nursing curriculum taken to task, possibly sacked. Did the Trainee Nurse Sue the Minister and all those involved. I suspect the ethnic Agenda was maintained, the bullies intimidated the young and under resourced student, and the matter was hushed up. I experienced similar pressure as a volunteer assistant a large Tech some years ago. With much examination of conscience I withdrew my services. I was anguished at the students situation where ultimately they were disadvantaged by diminished resources, but neither do they need to be mixed in the strife between two opposed parties. And they have a choice as well, they can seek their own alternative, (if more than half the students withdrew and started a class action then changes would inevitably follow). Education has been debased, I find no compelling reason that chemical, biological, science and a multitude of engineering based courses need have any ethnic content whatsoever, and certainly not a pervading overarching ethnic content with an ability to veto an entire career.
    Is it any wonder the nation is desperately short of useful graduates.

The British Royal Society is not what it once was either.

I was amazed to see a RS statement that Climate Change must be caused by humans as no one had been able to find a natural explanation for it… hence had to be anthropogenic.

“Nullis in Verba” immediately sprang to mind.

It is sad to see a body with such that history, taking this view.

We are assured by our politicians that “the science is in” confirming the global warming menace is upon us. Might this unimpeachable science be the work of “scientists” such as these?

I’ve read some absurd rubbish before but nothing that match’s this lot – what’s happening to reason and common sense there is no climate emergency for a start and for James Shaw to come out and say he doesn’t understand the science of climate change is an incredible inditement and reveals just how far the stupidity of these ethnic claims have advanced. Anyone who has been to the Antarctic in a ship knows even today there is no guarantee of getting there.

That is all explained by Critical Theory
See how tauiwi became part of the lexicon in the questions at the end on this lecture

Of course they went there via South America to pick up some Kumera. They had Kahu and Rangi their pet whales towing them. These whales were very fast (unfortunately extinct now due to friction burns due to their speed) don’t you believe in oral history. Can’t be wrong!!

    Trevor Gilbertson June 23, 2021 at 10:00 pm

    This rubbish was reported in the Bangkok Post and laughed at in the comments. NZ history has been distorted and now they’re teaching white guilt to kids in school. The sheeple of NZ need to grow some balls and stand up and say no more

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