Further to my account of a few days back, unbelievably another letter from a Pragya Raj has arrived addressed to “Hi”, and threatening a debt collector’s letter.

Read Stuff’s web-site. They’re literally begging readers for donations to keep them going. That’s fair enough but somewhat optimistic.

However, their attempts at fraud for survival are quite another thing.

I shall discuss this with the Ministry of Business… and propose they prosecute them.


I needed a laugh, thanks Bob. I keep getting pop ups on the Stuff site saying “ you just read this article for free” no I darn well didn’t numb nuts, I pay taxes with which the toothy fairy deems you incompetent BSs need a hand out from. Get a real job or better yet please leave the country and stop subjecting us to your tabloid garbage. Nuf said.

A very good idea. A prosecution seems inevitable now. Threatening letters, debt collection, begging bowls & improper accounting. (Perhaps Stuff should start a religion-Its halfway there already…)

I find the begging distasteful and tiresome. Imagine if your local Plumber or Dentist had a begging bowl approach ?

If Stuff wants to become a viable business this is the first part to go. The second change would be to employ a competent accounts team. Will this happen? Just after the lesson on nailing jelly to the ceiling.

As to the letter itself-I’m not sure what background Pragya Raj has but interesting to note that Microsoft refuses to recognize any qualifications gained in India, such is the corruption of that country.
One must almost admire the sheer tenacity in turning up and trying to make that role functional, however Pragya needs to recall the adage that when you reach the bottom-stop digging.

Stuffed staffer Raj, might be on a commission so is doing the ‘water on stone’ trick hoping..

Patrick Crewsden is today exhorting us to believe their motives are as pure & honest as the day is long, no toadying to their governmental subsidisers, equal-opportunity hit-jobs R US, honest injun. Oh please…it’s pathetic.

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