The unbelievably insane proposed $800 million ‘cycle bridge’ attached to the Auckland harbour bridge, WILL NOT HAPPEN. Why? Because the understandable uproar across the country has been such, no government could survive such craziness and all governments principal motivation is survival.

This decision was so mind-blowing mad, that despite never having had a conspiracy theory mentality, I can’t help wondering if it was deliberate, for two reasons.

First as a distraction ploy for the total fiasco of the Covid vaccine programme, and the further vague details being issued at the time the ludicrous $800m cycle bridge was announced. As we know, far from being first in the queue for vaccines as then Health Minister Hipkins promised to the nation eight months ago, it transpired that we weren’t even in it.

Our vaccination achievement ranking status is 99th in the world and last in the OECD nations. I believe this is the biggest government cock-up in the country’s history, and by whom?

The bloody Health Department whose show pony Head banana spent the last year giving utterly unnecessary daily updates on our insignificant virus figures, instead of carrying out the most critical task, namely securing vaccinations. In most other countries he’d have been sacked and in some such as North Korea, Saudi Arabia and the like, publicly executed.

The second reason I suspect a conspiracy behind the $800 million cycle-bridge announcement is because no government is that dumb. It amounted to a plainly ludicrous straw man for the government to earn public points by subsequently cancelling it.


Their egregiousness – if there is such a word – manifests as dumbness. The woke vote is essential to their political survival. If there was an opposition party of any consequence I am certain that Labour would be far more thoughtful.

I will put my money on the second reason. The Government has a history. Remember Capital Gains Tax

Even if your latter reason is correct, theres no advantage in being seen as half-baked, as this government is now increasingly being regarded. Their days are numbered…

Fightingtemeraire June 22, 2021 at 1:36 pm

So they will cancel it and then make one lane on the bridge a cycle way!!! THat will cop them even more flak

Their days are not numbered, unfortunately though when they are next returned to parliament they will be in coalition with the greens. We are then truly doomed?
No matter how insane and repellent their policies the shattered Nats will need more than three years to regroup. Nz first and act will further decimate the required sensible voting blocks.

frederickwilliscroft June 22, 2021 at 4:12 pm

I have just come back from holiday in Australia and in the papers I read we were ranked at 120th. Mind you whether we are 99th or 120th it is absolutely pathetic.
I think this govt is absolutely useless. I would almost forgive them for everything if they could get this vaccination roll out right. No such luck however it’s the shambles every one predicted.
You may not be a big fan of National but at least they a number of competent ministers who would have overseen this process and made sure the health beauracray were lent on to get it right.

    It was National who signed off the Auckland CRL. I have no faith in National to actually act in the interests of the taxpayers in the face of special-interest-driven scams with the MSM propagandists pushing them.

Yes,cancellation of an unpopular policy may earn some Public gratitude.There is nothing new about such a tactic.When King Henry VII died,he left his son and heir Henry VIII overflowing coffers and much resentment to the methods used to acquire this wealth.In a shrewd political move,Henry VIII had two prominent tax collectors executed.They were of course Empson and Dudley executed 17/8/1510.The masses felt Henry was on their side and he was in fact a bit of all right.Long live the masses.

My simple wish is that the media should always ask politicians for a timeline for each pie in the sky project!

The cycle bridge is just the start of the madness. Go read the rest of the recommendations in the Climate Change Commission’s plan. That’s where this ridiculous bridge came from. Rod Carr ‘budgeting’ on us all increasing our cycling by 25% by 2035. You can only do that if you build cycle bridges for the Lycra wearing looneys to go backwards and forwards across to their favourite latte cafe to clock up the correct k’s dictated by mad Dr Carr. I don’t own a bike so someone has to pick up my part of the ‘cycling budget’. Or maybe my ‘walking budget’ gets doubled….?? Sir Bob, you need to talk to your mate Oliver to help us better understand all this – Ha!!

Lorde has praised Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s handling of Covid-19 during an appearance on US television, saying New Zealanders were “lucky to have a really calm, steady government” during the pandemic.

At last – an objective appraisal

    We are each entitled to express our opinion, however I would suggest that someone whose primary activity is entertainment and publicity holding forth on US television should not be regarded as having any significant credibility.

Meanwhile in Wellington, the Petone-Ngauranga cycleway has been approved at a cost of $190 million. And here is the kicker, that we haven’t been told (but the officials admit it if you ask them); bicycles will STILL be allowed on the SH2 shoulder, at least partly because it is logically expected that the cycleway, right next to the sea on the other side of the railway line, will be covered in rubble after every time there is a bit of rough weather. Responsibility has not yet been allocated to any agency, for ensuring this is cleared as soon as possible; this would represent a significant ongoing expense. All for a few dozen cyclists per hour, some of whom will opt to use the SH2 shoulder anyway, because they are allowed to.

I have never understood why Ardern decided to only user the Pfizer vaccine. The Astra Zeneca is available and I believe is being produced in Australia, and is as effective as the Pfizer product. It is also a lot chraper and does not require special fridges that cost about $20k each. The blood clot story is not specific to that Astra Zeneca vaccine and was hugely hyped for being ‘dangerous’ for political reasons in France and Germany.

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[…] The unbelievably insane proposed $800 million ‘cycle bridge’ attached to the Auckland harbour bridge, WILL NOT HAPPEN. Why? Because the understandable uproar across the country has been such, no government could survive such craziness and all governments principal motivation is survival. – Sir Bob Jones […]

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