Australia today has the pathetic honour of being the only country in the world which currently prohibits its citizens from foreign travel (excluding visiting New Zealand during the spasmodic bubble periods) without specific permission. They’re doing this under the provisions of the 2015 Biosecurity Act which speaks for itself.

This is ludicrous, thus no surprise that their garrulous Prime Minister is now crashing in the preferred Prime Minister polls. Less incessant babble and hogging the media from Morrison and more action on vaccine provision which has been almost as disastrous as here in New Zealand, would leave a better image.

Increasingly, commentators in the grown-up countries are observing that we may have to learn to live with Covid, or as it’s dubbed, Long Covid, which has seen some vaccinated people suffering from non-fatal after-effects for a month or more.

We do that now with the annual constantly revised flu jabs. The flu kills vast numbers of the non-inoculated annually, notably the same predominant victims of Covid; specifically the elderly. Locking down the citizenry every time there’s an outbreak has done its dash. The public are tired of nanny-statism and want to restore their lives.


I live in Victoria. The reason for the travel ban is that Australia isn’t one country exactly, its a commonwealth of states and territories that all operate according to their own political whims.
The latest lockdown has largely been caused by NSW which let the virus spread and saw NSW people travel interstate. Victoria by comparison tends to lockdown much more quickly and for longer.
Its a silly situation that calls for a cooperative approach, but fat chance of that as all the local State bosses have their own ambitions. (Dan Andrews tellingly calls Scott Morrison the PM for NSW)
I am also indirectly involved in the Vaccination roll out (supplying equipment to several health services) and agreed, its taken far too long to get going and will stay on forever with annual updated variations.
Eventually travel will return because people like to travel.
(I was due a week on the Gold Coast but missed out)

    Things will never go back to normal. It’s not about a virus but global tyranny and the Great Reset of Technocratic tyrants.

I guess in NZ it will be called Long White Cloud Covid…

Agree wholeheartedly…time to turn the brainwashing machine off

The basic problem with the lockdown approach was pointed out early last year in this interview with a Swedish epidemiologist:

Getting out of the lockdowns will be the big challenge since the question is around which restrictions can be lifted, followed by watching for upticks in cases and deaths at each stage, with increases met by what? Reinstating the restriction?

And that’s ignoring the negative side-effects of lockdowns, including health stats

The kind of stuff going on in Australia is a travesty, they are the last country I would have expected to be going THIS low:


And of course unless you share links around for things like this posted on “fringe” platforms, no-one is even going to know their Boys In Blue are this far gone, “just following orders” no doubt. Not only is there no outrage from the MSM, there is no reportage at all; and if you even search online for it (eg Australian cops pepper spray 12 year old girls), the Masters Of The Universe have shadow-banned it everywhere it has been posted.

Could the NZ Plods be capable of matching this? I fervently hope not.

    Being a 12-year old girl should not prevent police pepper-spraying them. I have witnessed outrageous assaults by adolescents worthy of more robust police intervention. .
    At each juncture, it will rely on the judgement of the officer involved at that time. You cannot dissect their actions from your armchair after the fog of war has lifted.
    There are bad bastards out there. Not all of them a hulking male thugs.

In NZ I think the total number of deaths ‘ attributed’ to this flu is something like 26 in well over 12 months. In that time well over 350 people have died in road crashes. Many of these crashes are due to the shocking state of roads in NZ, and that we don’t have enough Police to have a properly staffed traffic police section. Much of this is down to ardern and labour. Guess which is most critical and the most underfunded?

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