Last week, the New Zealand Herald reported a jury was to decide whether an idiot sending an email to the Prime Minister saying, “I will blow your head off”, constituted a death threat.

If evidence can be produced that one could live without one’s head, an argument could be made for the defence. Otherwise, the defendant is responsible for a monumental waste of taxpayer money running such a case. And let’s not have any jokes about Jacinda’s head not being missed and such-like. They will be deleted.

People who sustain our democracy by their participation cop plenty of criticism but I have no time for the craven keyboard cowards who when, sadly all too rarely, are nabbed, then cringe and cower about not really meaning it and such-like.

Lock this rubbish up with the rest of our losers to enjoy one another’s actual violence. That’s a taxpayer expense we will relish.


I’m a key board coward and I’ll tell you why. From what one would think was a harmless comment on FB I got attacked. I got attacked through a professional body I belong to and without that professional body I’d be looking for new employment. I got a call from this ‘professional body’ about my post. This professional body could not take any action on the complaint made to them – outside their jurisdiction, you see – but nonetheless they rang me. The conversation was very short and I wasn’t of a mind to ‘take it all in’. As a consequence of now knowing that my livelihood can be attacked for my FB views, I’m now in the process of putting in place firewalls so I can keep on commenting (hate speech legislation will probably ensure this is a good thing to do – build firewalls). If I had powder and shot like a Jones, I wouldn’t blink an eye lid but at my level, I must.

P.S. That bastion of free enterprise, the Property Council New Zealand, has gone woke.

Now if a women with keyboard in hand wrote to a high office bearer saying “I will blow your head off”, we’d all laugh or say ‘yes, please’.

So the same treatment for the guy that threatened Simeon Brown or should it be.

The likelihood of a threat being carried out is part of the consideration when sentencing. Where the threat involves a firearm, as both of these do unless either has particularly large lungs, then surely the access to such a firearm must be a consideration. Who is more likely to have access, a patched gang member/criminal or a nutjob keyboard warior.

Will they receive the same sentence, time will tell.

. . the boorish behaviour of a large segment of Donald Trump’s supporters demonstrate how far politics ought not be taken … threats to Ardern by a keyboard coward , and death threats by gang members against National’s Simeon Brown must be investigated by the police , and prosecutions laid …. I may vehemently disagree with Ardern’s policies , appalled by how ” woke ” her government is , but … this is a democracy , and the majority voted for her …. ….. twits !

    Roger, they may have voted for her but they did not vote for the bulk of the policies being inflicted on us.

    However, you are correct, there is absolutely no need for these two idiots, or anyone else for that matter, to behave this way.

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