Paula Bennett: Politician, real estate agent and now entertainer

The above, a Stuff site heading. She was a successful politician by any standard. I didn’t expect the commercial real estate agent role would last long and reviewers have slammed her TVNZ “entertainment” show.

But there’s an obvious next step namely Auckland mayor. With Phil Goff plainly leaving for a quieter diplomatic role Paula would butt in.

The only drawback is whether she’d want to. Politics is draining and she might prefer a less demanding future.


Paula would be awesome mayor, whether she could be bothered is definitely the issue why bother, shame.
Regards Joel

    She would be a push-over. Anyone close enough to her would guide (dictate) her thinking. She is not a critical thinker.

Shearer v Bennett
An enticing match up

Craig Lord for Mayor 2nd choice Paula Bennett

Leo Molloy, the only option

This women is very heavy into sole promotion, so don’t rule out a run for mayor.

Sadly this doesn’t mean she’ll be any good, as professional politicians have not shown any commitment to hard decisions in the past; and not likely in the future. They sell off the silver until there’s none left, to pay for the unsustainable they take on.

The way these clowns are leading us the IMF will be dictating how this country is managed in the not too distant future. Look no further than Tauranga City Council to see what the future holds.

No use being mayor if she’s stuck with a socialist anti vehicle council. That result would be a nightmare of a job.

The current council delights in ruining Aucklanders’ lives. I don’t understand why they keep voting for them.

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