The Power of Meditation

We’re constantly preached at about the power of meditation to ensure a healthier, calmer, stress-free life.

Last Monday a monk in charge of a Thai Buddhist meditation centre rather made a monkey out of this claim when he shot dead a neighbour.

Obviously this meditating lark needs to be done in moderation less over-indulgence induces murderous thoughts.


Never mind the religion of peace which mimics Hitler. Hitler wanted peace, a piece of Belgium, a piece of Hungry and on he went. And the Religion of Peace, they want peace too for without the Religion of Peace you can’t have peace which the Afghans are being reminded of and which the West keeps forgetting.

The truth is, once you’ve been made neurotic to a given degree (from neurotic parents who don’t understand how to take care of children fully…which is all of us) you will have tension that needs to be discharged and acted out, hopefully harmlessly. Meditation may only suppress the internal dynamos and make them blow-out even loader and harder, when they do.

I believe meth is a major problem in Thailand.

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