What a brilliant response ACT leader David Seymour wrote in the Herald to the abominable contrived media beat-up over his vaccination publication.

I didn’t think I’d live to see such truth-telling in this ludicrous age of maori wonderfulness propaganda. It’s destroying this hitherto united nation, an opinion I might add, shared by all of my maori friends and I suspect, most maori folk with enough common sense to be thoroughly sick and tired of this implicit patronising, with its underlying inference of maori inferiority and inability to get on in life without being advantageously propped up.

What a lesson Seymour sends to the wallowing Nats, pussy-footing their cautious fear – ridden path of not speaking up against these divisive policies.



Special thanks Bob, for yet another clear overview on this divisive Maori activists greed.
What we can see is the pathetic Labour cabinet members saying nothing to support their voters
in the main, disgrace and disappointment at separating NZ citizens.
Its not wanted, or needed. They will be voted out for sure, but can we reverse the damages of He Puapua ?

    As a locked out Kiwi endlessly trying to get through the border – I have hope not all is lost as long as D Seymour keeps speaking out. Thank you

Go David kick red out

Well done, Bob – and David. We need both of you.

Can someone please provide a link to the articles in question from DS and the media?

Totally agree – Seymour and his team of 10 ACT MP’s are the only ones calling out these ludicrous group identity silly rules. How can someone who says he is against any rule or action that favours one race to the disadvantage of another race be accused of being a racist? All those woke journo’s, Maori Party MP’s, Green MP’s, and the members’ of Jacinda’s ‘Red Brigade’ that called out David over this are the racist ones.

    Once it became known that Davids mother was Nga Puhi the squealing from the left looked even more ludicrous. I think the next poll..as long as its not a labour crone company holding it, will be interesting.
    I have waited for the maori ‘activists’ to tell us what it is that I, as a ‘ european’ new zealander in NZ can do that maori cannot do? In 2021?

Have to agree with Bob and David, particularly David’s comments about the vaccine roll out debacle. Based on all the government’s messaging thought I was a shoe in to be included in group 3 – over 70, stage 4 cancer – but heard nothing until I spent hours and days chasing up. The MIQ booking debacle is another classic example of government inability to deliver a fit for purpose process. Perhaps a little less kindness replaced with a dose of common sense would help?

frederickwilliscroft September 10, 2021 at 1:38 pm

The criticism of David continues unabated. An editorial in Stuff today wades in and says “But this foolish political stunt may do lasting damage to both Seymour’s image and ACT’s brand”. I beg to differ, I think it will not harm him a jot.
Then yesterday Glen McConnell who writes an awfully Woke column on Stuff thundered “His action, in my opinion, was shameful and dangerous”. He advised that only 42% of Maori had been vaccinated compared to 64% pakeha. Also that “systematic racism” was responsible for ill health in maori & pacific commumities. Empirical evidence to support this statement not provided.One also assumes that the poor Maori vaccine rate is purely down to not having Maori specific vaccine stations. What utter nonsense!
What annoys me most is where is the follow up, Surely the media should be at the station to see what has happened since the code tweet. Is their an increase in non Maori turning up? Is their an increase in maori turning up? Are their longer queues and people giving up because they are waiting too long? Are maoris being turned away because pakehas have taken their spots? The lack of follow up is a sad reflection on the state of the media today.

I read a comment on another site earlier today that under Seymour, ACT now represent the “Values Party” of the right, representing core principles in a way National have fudged for at least 20 years (apologies to Bob who’s old enough to remember the original Values party which morphed into the Greens decades ago).

National seem to be missing in action in most places, and it is concerning to see the continued decay of incompetence leading us

Vaccinating the population as fast as possible is a no brainer, when it costs $1 billion a week to maintain lockdown. So what if it costs an extra $50 or $100 million to be at the front of the quene. They could then let tourists back in with proven vaccines, and scrap miq. Temporary elimination was never going to work.

God only knows how the next generation will pay for the public debt successive governments have built up. It is clear we are lead by a ship of fools, who would send any business broke.

The more I read and watch what is happening in this lovely country of ours, the more I see a divided country driven by a government who think they are trying to bring us together but are, in fact, driving us further apart racially.

There is going to be significant racial division in this country brought about by the policies of this government.

David Seymour is, of course, to be congratulated on stating the bleeding obvious. Surprising that there has been little comment on Associate Health Minister Peeni Henare doing the same thing on Thursday 9th Sept. TVNZ news. In response to John Tamihere saying low Māori vaccination rates were all the Government’s fault, the Associate Minister said “The buck ultimately stops with our people. They need to come forward and avail themselves of the vaccine”
The gob smacked reporter then quoted official advice on poor engagement with Māori, to which Henare said “I’m going to be upfront and say I don’t agree with that analysis. The facts are there. I’ve met with these advisers and Iwi constantly”.
National’s Chris Bishop was of course, tone deaf. Instead of congratulating the Associate Minister with his refreshing honesty, Bishop accused him of abdicating responsibility.

ACT are out there doing something really useful, take a look at ACT TV for example, a daily You Tube presentation. They are smart, sidestepping the marxist mouthpiece that is our media today. Also, subscribe to their newsletters, well worth it. National MUST strip out the leftist infiltrators within its ranks and also get a new Pres. I fully support Judith Collins and always have. The disgusting disrespectful way the ‘journalists’ pilorie her is shameful and she handles them with, in my view, patience and dignity. I think there’s room for some ‘gloves are off’ Judith,,,just saying.

If I remember rightly Bob you have written previously on ‘what is a Maori?’. If I am correct, could you run the piece again, please? This issue is always a great puzzle to me because, so far as I can discover, we have in our country ‘mixed race’ people some of whose ancestors might or were Maori plus other ethnicities. Is it now obligatory to claim to be a Maori if part of one’s ancestry happens to include a touch of the tangata whenua? I call myself a ‘New Zealander’ on the census, because that’s what I am. Is this come kind of prohibition these days?
Yours, We are one people

We annoys me is the reference to “Our people” particularly when used by Members of Parliament. As far as I am concerned “Our People” should be all of the citizens of this country, not just a small minority. I suspect most of those following Bob Jones have similar views to each other. But what can we do in practical terms to head off this He Puapua nonsense and the recent fiction that the Treaty of Waitangi established a partnership? Keep this up and we are all heading down the tube, whether “our People” or others!

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