National MP Maureen Pugh has, according to the NZ Herald, been struck by lightning on separate occasions an extraordinary three times.

I think we can reasonably conclude that for whatever reason, God doesn’t like her.

Having failed to knock her off with lightning, it’s my pick he’ll become more innovative. He could resort to the standard stuff in his repertoire of earthquakes, floods and what have you but if normally fail-safe lightning doesn’t work, creativity is called for.

I’m picking something along the lines of being pecked to death by a vast flock of berserk sparrows as nothing more conventional in achieving her demise will satisfy his irritation at her resistance to date.


God’s best bet would seem to be the plague, Sir Bob?


Surely God’s a better shot than that. If he wanted her, he’d have got her by now. I think the truth is, unsurprisingly, he just doesn’t want her at all. Have faith in God Bob.

He should have left her tv permanently switched on and on TVNZ News and given her a lifetime subscription to the Dominion Post or worse …——–hmmn what could be worse than that…….???

Maybe wrong God – this one is the limp wristed one so it missed

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