How amusing to read Otago University’s Professor of Public Health, Michael Baker, advise that the hand-washing hysteria last year re catching Covid was entirely misplaced. He said that while other infections could be caught through physical contacts, not so Covid which is solely transmitted through the air.

It will be recalled that every shop and public premises was required to provide a hand washing facility at its entrance, with signs demanding visitors wash their hands. They still remain in some premises. This is not a criticism. In those early fear-ridden days the world was in the dark at what we were dealing with.

Sadly New Zealand still is with its “hard and fast” bragging to justify maintaining a hermit kingdom despite this being proved nonsense after the arrival of Delta.

Almost alone in the world we continue with this failed lockdown despotism, the exceptions being countries such as Thailand which like here, failed dismally on vaccinations supply. Mind you, despite us being allegedly at the head of the queue for vaccines, many countries have actually vaccinated the public and some such as Britain and Israel are now well into booster shots and moving on to vaccinating children.

Winter is coming in the northern hemisphere and as with flu fatalities, the covid death rate will climb, but almost without exception, as at present, will be confined to the willfully unvaccinated.

In one sense this is a very good thing. In a liberal society people are free to believe whatever fantasy they wish, such as infantile religious faith, and bear the consequences, in the case of covid sometimes being death.

Up until Covid, excess welfarism seemed to have neutered Darwinism which underlies all life forms’ survivability. Covid has temporarily restored a degree of normality.


The “deadly delta variant” has infected over 1100 people, some got sick, some barely noticed it, one old lady in her nineties (and with multiple co-morbidities) passed away.
Listening to “the podium of truth’s” message to the flock of five million you’d think we were going through a combination of the black plague, Spanish flu, mad cow disease, swine flu, bird flu and Ebola.

My local Pak N Slave have set up a mobile shopping trolley sanitizer machine , the Ecolab 3000 or somesuch … the fear & madness rolls on …. as our leaders intend … eyeing up the next election , keeping us loyal & hunkered down our rabbit holes … Team of 5 Million !

What we are missing is a report on how many people have died because of the lockdown and should, therefore, be listed as Covid deaths. Let’s say I have suspected bowel cancer but can’t get a colonoscopy because of the present lockdown requirements (I am in Auckland). We know that the ability to survive cancer is determined by its early diagnosis. So I die of cancer at a later date due to late diagnosis and treatment. It will never be attributed to Covid but should be.

If we had good journalists we would be getting this information and perhaps more pushback on these lockdown restrictions.

The story of global officialdom bungling about how Covid was even transmitted, is a disgrace. Everyone should read “The 60 Year Old Scientific Screwup that Helped Covid Kill” by Megan Molteni in “Wired” Magazine. On 2 April 2020, the WHO was approached by a global team of several dozen experts who presented a case over Zoom that Covid had to be spreading by aerosols not by contact and large droplets. The WHO’s officials arrogantly dismissed their case which actually looks very strong to any intelligent person, you don’t even need to be an expert. The WHO even issued advice stating Covid is “NOT airborne”. They grudgingly modified their position in October 2020 and again in April 2021 but have not issed any Mea Culpas or emphases on correct mitigation strategy. All rest homes should have put in some kind of ventilation Appollo project long since but nothing has been done.
I have no hesitation in saying all the guilt and negligent manslaughter of the last 18 months is on the WHO and to some extent on the national officials in some countries who still cling to April 2020 orthodoxies and do not even note the WHO’s modified positions on aerosols. One obvious disgrace is that people should be encouraged to go outside, not discouraged, and activities disallowed period, such as community sing-alongs, should be allowed outside. There is no aerosol build-up risk at all where there is no roof and walls. Worse, the circumstances in which quarantine and isolation are forced on people often ensure they will get sicker and possibly even die because of lack of virus-flushing fresh air, if they do actually have Covid.
This video is exactly the kind of thing that the public should be getting shown on mainstream TV:
Ventilation Revolution. The Project
Unfortunately NZ’s Michael Baker is apparently still somewhat of a lonely convert to the truth among our top officials, it is obvious that Bloomfield and some of the others are still clinging to the wrong, negligent, failed “orthodoxy”

Except dysgenic technology is now here:
Nanobots to push along lazy sperm.

Is their an article about the Virus being airborne only?

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