The Auckland Business Chamber C.E.O Michael Barnett has called for a no jab, no job mandate. That seems naive.

If Barnett wants an effective vaccination policy then he should call for a no jab, no welfare mandate. That would certainly provide the desired result.


Sad but true.


I can’t see any policy being sensible other than Key’s fixed date to drop the nonsense and let the unvaccinated take the chances they have chosen.

You are so right, and with your avenue to publicity surely you could and should lead such a call.

Agreed but with a slight twist. If you choose to be unvaccinated and need hospital treatment for COVID-you pay the hospital bill.

    And if you are obese and need hospital treatment this should also be the case. As an unvaxxed healthy 40 something I will statistically be a far lower risk for the health system than a vaxxed fattie with the conditions most have as a result such as hypertension, heart issues.

Bob, do you believe people should be receiving these vaccines, if they do not believe they are safe?

Spot on….And if they cant take care of the MIQ facilities, put them in a dog pen round the back.

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