I’m picking Jacinda will soon confiscate the lap-dog TV One’s weather forecasting. If it’s fine weather to announce then she will announce it.

Bad weather and she will make Kris Faafoi do it.


Well, she may make wee Chrissy do it

…and take questions from only Jessica and Tova 🙄


Bugger that, TV one needs to bring Jim Hickey back, we had much better weather when he was in charge

Its going to get progressively harder for Auntie Arden to go to ground, with a few more storms approaching.

You can b..s. some people for some of the time, but not all the time.

Wonder what her next job will be?

What gets me is that they reckon they know what the weather will be in 30 years but they can’t accurately predict the weather in 4 days time .

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