The recent death of 1979 Nobel Prize winning American physicist Steven Weinberg aged 88, recalled his famous quip about the evolution of the universe in the three minutes after the Big Bang, specifically, “After that, nothing of any interest would happen in the history of the universe”.

He was wrong of course. What he should have said is “…nothing of “such comparative” interest “has” happened…” not “would”. We can’t read the future and for reasons humanity will never learn as we won’t exist, the universe might implode tomorrow.

That said, in a backhanded way Weinberg made the observation that the more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless. Who can quarrel with that?

Understandably an atheist, Weinberg rightly mocked religion for trying to create a fictional purpose for our existence, which he found tragic.

I don’t find it pointless. The fact is we are here and there can be no better goal than not trying to comprehend the concept of timelessness and endlessness which is futile, but instead get on with the pursuit of laughter and happiness, the latter to be the sole domain of each of us to determine rather than have it prescribed by busy-body bores and fear-ridden supernaturalists.


The current level of fear and frustration (while quietly going broke) seems to be taking over from laughter and happiness. Sadly.

Or as the astrophysicist said: “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow is the heat death of the universe.”

Billy Connelly was interviewed by Mike Hosking yesterday , and admitted he was glad his comedic career started when it did …. if he was beginning today , the ” cancel culture ” would have him shut down within a year …. We are being shamed for having fun , enjoyment , the pleasure of life …

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