The above, a Herald front-page item yesterday. Frankly, it’s presumptuous. How joyous will it be if the baby turns out to be black?

Don’t dismiss it. When Barry Soper called me last week about this my response was who’s the father? He laughed and said that was the same response from Tom Scott.

Pending the birth we will all be on tenterhooks.


As long as it hasn’t got pink hair we will all be happy for the parents.



“The meaning behind the song was particularly dark, considering the band’s previous material. Primarily written by Lee Thompson, the plot of the song reflected the unfolding turmoil following the news that his teenage sister, Tracy, had become pregnant and was carrying a black man’s child. The subsequent rejection by her family, and the shame felt, was reflected in the song.[4]

As Thompson was on the road with the band, he only heard snippets of the story, through phone calls and letters, but this was enough for him to piece the story together. The song is a clear indication of changing attitudes (see miscegenation). The real-life story had a happy ending, however; Thompson later stated that when the child named “Hayley” was born, the antipathy of Tracy’s relatives dissolved.”

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