The giant Merk pharmaceutical company has announced production of its covid “booster pill” which it has successfully tested.

It’s abundantly clear that boosters are critical, our Pfizer vaccines losing strength within six months.

While no doubt Covid Minister Hipkins will trot out our “head of the queue” ranking again, it’s notable Britain has already ordered 480,000.

Here’s a suggestion. Why not end Health Department boss Ashley Bloomfield’s totally unnecessary daily television showboating and instead have him get back to work and actually join the Merk booster pill purchase queue. Let’s avoid a repeat of the embarrassing fiasco we endured with the vaccine purchasing, a mismanagement so great as to put us among the ranks of the world’s most backward nations.


The complete and utter failure to ‘go hard and early’ on vaccinations should spell the end of the current Labour Government come the next election….If there was a God in Heaven…

The daily showboat also unnecessarily delays information available earlier which should be posted for everyone as it becomes available instead of being reserved for a political media performance.

And how about instead of daily grandstanding the scoutmaster and his troops engage the top two inches and start doing some homework with an open mind on the use of Ivermectin and Hydroquinalone as used with great success in in India for example in their Covid response

Agree, the Cinders and Ash show is just drawn out attempt to make it look like they know what they’re doing.
I just hate the underlying divisiveness of it all. There was a mayor last week that wouldn’t take the Pfizer jab (presumably because of undisclosed auto immune problems she has) but would be happy with an alternative. The howls of public vilification and hate, including from deputy PM Robertson, were hideous.
What are we becoming?

Here’s a question for you, Bob: Why does long-term testing not matter in radical vaccine development?

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